When it comes to hair, trends are tough. As a hairdresser (haircutter to be specific), I’ve always been told I should be following them, and I never really have. Don’t get me wrong, I am very aware of what’s going on in trends as they’re happening. I’m also aware that in my job, we create trends—often without even realizing it. But I’d never tell a client: You should get a ____ – it’s the latest trend. I believe we all have to work with what we have with the goal of making ourselves feel our bGet the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40est within it.

Hair Trends for Women Over 40? That’s a tough one.

When I get a client in my chair, my main goal at all times is to have them get a haircut that works for their hair, their lifestyle, personal style and time constraints. If I have any advice for all the awesome ladies in this age group, it is this: If you’ve been sticking with the same look from your 20s and 30s, now is a great time to spice things up. Or maybe you do change your look often and this is just another one of those times so go for it.

Your 40s and 50s are youthful. Vibrant, stylish and confident. Age has nothing to do with style. I think at this point in life, we all hope to not be too worried about the little things so much and to have a clearer idea of who we are and what we want. And when it comes to style, there are no limits at any age. Just focus what suits you individually and consider these tips.

Consider These Tips When Trying a New Look

Soften your layers: You can still have all one length hair, just try adding a bit of a layer around the face.

Add some texture: Soften those stiff layers. Whether long or short, a bit of texture throughout will add a modern touch to any haircut. Especially if you’ve been wearing that style for a while.

Loosen it up a bit more: Try a little bedhead. A wee tousle here and there keeps every look carefree.

Try something, anything new: You might find what you never knew you wanted. Never had a fringe? Start with a long soft one to get a feel. Always had long layers? Try a long bob. You know where I’m going here.

Spice it up: In any way that suits you at the moment.

Be comfortable: If it feels good, it looks good!

5 New Hair Trends for Women Over 40

1. Asymmetrical Long Bob

Get the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40

Here we have the Long Bob that’s been in style for a few seasons now. Let’s switch it up a bit! Try a little asymmetry to keep it fresh.


  • A look that is slightly shorter on one side.
  • Nothing too 80’s (we’ve been there already). Just enough for a little update.

It’s the little things that matter. Am I right?

2. Grown Out Fringe

Get the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40

Do like Sienna. Keeping the fringe just grown out enough to frame the face nicely but not as high maintenance as the commitment of a full fringe. This is also great for that ponytail on the go. If you have a fringe you are trying to grow out, you’re already ahead of the gang.


  • You want to blend your bangs into your front layers.
  • Keep it a bit messy. And go!

3. The Pixie

Get the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40

Always a classic! Many women tell me they can’t pull this off. You’d be surprised. This super short pixie is a dream for most women. Gain immediate confidence when you give yourself the freedom and ease this cut will give.


  • Adjusting some of the lengths to suit your face and needs.
  • Don’t be surprised when at your next visit, you ask to go shorter!

4. Reverse Angle Bob

Get the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40

Like the medium length bob shapes? And the outgrown bangs? This is a very modern look for any age or profession. The bob as of late at any length has been longer toward the face.


  • You want to straighten out the line, even slightly shorter toward the front.
  • This look will give automatic softness to the whole you!

5. Short’n’Sassy

Get the Look: 5 Spring Hair Trends for Women Over 40

If you’re tempted to start fresh and take it all off a la Garance Dorè. I love this whimsical free flowing look. It can take any woman from feeling stuck to a fashion babe.


  • A cut that goes from short in the crown area to long in the fringe taking the sides and back shorter but leaving enough length around the ears to tuck.
  • Et Voila!

After more than 20 years of cutting and teaching in top salons, Leesa Berry opened the doors to Klute Hair, an independent hair studio fashionably located in Toronto’s west end. If you’re looking for an unpretentious free-spirited vibe, Klute Hair is the salon for you. 

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