If you’re anything like me, DIY means DI-don’t. Especially when it comes to gardening. When I see a gorgeous flowering planter adorning a friend or neighbour’s walkway or patio, I admire it as I’m feeling secretly jealous. But not anymore. Because I just found out that creating the perfect planter is as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. It’s three steps. (That’s after you’ve chosen your container and the actual colour scheme and where you’re going to put it, and then bought new gardening gloves. And, of course, the perfect outfit to garden in.)

Impressing family, friends and frenemies with your uber gardening skills involves just three simple words, courtesy of the gardening gurus at President’s Choice: Thrill, Fill, Spill. Yep. That’s it. Here’s how it plays out.


Empty planter

Prep Step: Prepare your pots

Depending on the look you want to go for, there are a variety of stylish pots  that you could choose. Looking to add some instant colour and drama? Try the PC Riley Pot with wonderful fashionable colours that will inject just the right amount of pizzazz into your design. Prefer something more classic? Try a more contemporary look, like the PC Fibreglass Pots.     PC premium potting soil

Prep Step: Choose Your Soil

A great option for planters is the PC Moisture lock premium potting soil. This soil is formulated for optimal water absorption and moisture retention which will help to keep your planters looking fresh all season long.       Perfect Planter- Thriller

Step 1: Pick a Thriller 

Thriller plants are plants with height that help to add drama and make a statement. To start, place your thriller in the back/centre of your planter. We recommend using ornamental grasses that not only add height, but instant texture.       Perfect Planter filler Perfect Planter-filler

Step 2: Pick a Filler

Filler plants tend to be rounded and pull everything together in the pot. For these, be mindful of the colour scheme you want to use. We recommend something like the new PC Gigantico Calibrachoa plant that comes in pink, gold or cherry. Mix and match with different filler plants to add variety to your planter. These should surround your thriller plant.       Perfect Planter - spillerPerfect Planters -spiller

Step 3: Pick a Spiller

Spiller plants tumble over the sides of your planter and create drama. Plant them along the rim of the container of your planter. A great option is to use sweet potato vine as it is very easy to grow and works beautifully in the sun or shade. Try the PC Gigantico Sweet Georgia Ipomea to get a bold look effortlessly.  Mix and match and add a plant with more flowers and foliage that will hang down long over the planter’s side.

All set? Time to hit your nearest garden centre.

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