You know those women you see and just have to meet? That’s the definition of Amy Schumer. And we’re going to see lots of her this month (starting Saturday night!), so get ready to giggle and guffaw along with Amy, your new BFF.

After years of stand-up, reality talent shows, and various stage gigs, she did it. Amy landed the sketch series Inside Amy Schumer that Comedy Central squeezed into the network’s line-up like a man-spreading subway seat. And not surprisingly, the show developed a cult following that has, in just a few short years, grown into an adoring legion of fans.

Now in her mid-30s, Amy has pub-crawled her way to stardom and joined a pantheon of comediennes we can’t help but love: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Julia Louis Dreyfus, and Kathy Griffin. Not surprisingly, her show recently won a prime time Emmy and her movie Trainwreck, written by hers truly, was a box-office hit.

Why is Amy one of our idols and a Brazen Woman goddess?  As if you need them, here are five damn good reasons from award-winning writer Jodie Gould.


Because Amy lives large and keeps it real. 

First there was Sarah Jessica Parker, whose character Carrie in Sex and the City and her Cosmo-sipping coterie showed us that someone in TV scriptland understood the way women really talk to each other. We loved her Village apartment and obsession with Mr. Big, but the idea of a newspaper columnist teetering around Manhattan in Blahniks and size O designer dresses was pure, aspirational fantasy. (I should know. As a New York freelancer who wrote an online sex column, I pop tags at thrift shops not Madison Avenue boutiques.)

Amy, on the other hand, keeps it 100 per cent real. She is at once self-loving and self-loathing, hilarious and sexy in a way that makes Hollywood glam girls tilt their bemused heads like a dog hearing a silent whistle. What? No boob job? No lipo? No tox? She is not only large in stature; she is most assuredly living large. “People are getting tired of pretending to be perfect and are interested in someone more willing to be honest about the fact that we are all gross nightmares,” she told Vanity Fair. An unapologetic serial dater, she makes no bones about enjoying boners (and the men attached to them) and is just fine with a wham-bam-thank-you-man. You go, girl.

Because Amy still hangs with her homegirls. Five Real Reasons We Adore Amy Schumer

It seems as if Amy has still not come to terms with her phenom status. As famous as she is, she does not feel comfortable sitting at popular table (unless asked to host an award show), but prefers instead to hang with sister and her high school besties. She brought them to her appearance on Jimmy Fallon, and her younger sister, Kim, a co-writer and producer of her TV shows and films, is almost always by her side. Amy also took her posse to the Hamptons, where they squealed like fan girls when she told them that Jennifer Lawrence would be joining them on a boating trip.

Later, she admitted to Jon Stewart that she felt more like a coach than Jen’s friend when taking a selfie with the model-thin, talented actress, who we also love because is as brainy as she is beautiful. (BTW, Amy, Kim, and JL are collaborating on another movie in which Amy and Jennifer will co-star. Bookmark.)

Because Amy has seen hard times.

She’s not all laughs, all the time. Although Amy was born on the Upper East Side of New York to a wealthy family, her father, who owned a furniture company, went bankrupt when Amy was just nine. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis shortly afterwards and her parents divorced three years later. Amy, her mom, and her two siblings pulled up stakes and moved to Long Island. After earning a theater degree at Towson University in Baltimore, Amy moved back to New York to build her career, which, like most struggling artists, consisted of waiting tables and tending bar.  Comedian Colin Quinn played her philandering and physically deteriorating father in Trainwreck, and the portrayal of their strained but close relationship was clearly based on real life and responsible for the tear-jerking moments in an otherwise unadulterated rom-com.

Because Amy is a cause célèbre-ty.

In case you haven’t noticed, she’s got heart, and it’s a big one. After a fatal shooting at a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater that happened to be playing her film, Amy stepped up. The second cousin of  U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, she immediately sent her condolences to the victims’ families and voiced her outrage to the world. Since then, she has positioned herself to become an outspoken advocate for stricter gun control laws and increased funding for mental health.

Because Amy has more to come.

This gal ain’t stopping any time soon. While Colbert, Stewart, and Key & Peele have all jumped from the Comedy Central ship, Amy has signed on for another season. While we eagerly await her next feature film, she will be hosting the second episode of Saturday Night Live‘s 41st season on October 10th. Then watch out for her as she takes the stage to perform her first HBO stand-up special, Live at the Apollo—sans bleeps and directed by none other than Chris Rock—airing October 17th. Those are a couple of Saturday nights we’ll be happy to spend in. Oh, and move over Apple Watch, Amy might just be the creator of the next technological sensation. Her most anticipated new invention? A vibrator that gives you compliments. We all need one of those.

Jodie Gould is an award-winning writer and author of nine books, including HIGH: Six Guilt-Free Principles for PleasFive Real Reasons We Adore Amy Schumerure and Escape (Hazelden) and co-author of DATE LIKE A MAN: To Get the Man You Want (HarperCollins). She has contributed to numerous magazines and blogs, including Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Redbook and, where she wrote a monthly column. Jodie has appeared on Oprah, CNN, Extra and other national TV and radio shows.

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