You’ll find them online and in every fashion magazine. They’re called fall makeup tutorials and they are everywhere. Which makes them really intimidating, not to mention hard to replicate. Well, no more trying to copy what you can’t.

Makeup trends are surprisingly easy to perfect – if you know what you’re doing. That’s where I come in. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the four most fabulous fall face looks. Each one is soft enough for a daytime makeup, while still bringing some fun into your facade. All you need is a mirror, some basic beauty tools, and the desire to look your best.

Here we go!

4 Fall Makeup Trends You Can Do Yourself

Fall Trend Number 1: BOLD EYEBROWS

Have you noticed the shift away from perfectly tweezed, shaped brows? On the runways, we are seeing grown-out eyebrows, made even more noticeable by brushing them straight up and holding them in place with gel. But wait. Many of us are not blessed with naturally full eyebrows – and even if we are, this stunning runway look can be a little too ‘Wolverine’ for daytime.

To get bold yet wearable brows you’ll be comfortable sporting, try an eyebrow pencil that is one or two shades lighter than the colour of your natural brow. The lighter shade makes it look more natural – matching the colour of your brows will make the look too intense. Fill your brows in with short, light pencil strokes, rather than heavy lines. As you can see on model Olga, I followed her natural brow shape and size, enhancing them naturally rather than drawing something in that does not exist.

Eyebrows are the frame of the eyes and face, so this trick will make the rest of your makeup stand out, and make your eyes sparkle and pop.

PRO TIP: Finish the look with a clear eyebrow gel to hold your brows in place.

Olga is wearing Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe

Fall Trend Number 2: OXBLOOD LIPS

Nothing matches fall outerwear as well as a punchy oxblood lip. Once the leaves start to change, I can’t wait to pull out my large collection of deep red lipsticks, and start wearing them.

The oxblood lips that we see in fashion often require a lip primer, liner, lipstick and gloss to achieve the clean, flawless look. These steps can be tricky to pull off and work best on those with naturally very full and smooth lips. Unfortunately, we can’t all be blessed with a Scarlett Johansson pucker – so enter the power of a sheer lipstick! Sheer lipsticks are line smoothing, hydrating, and give you just the right hint of shine. They make bold lip colours easy to wear by letting a bit of your natural lip colour and texture show through.

To get this look, exfoliate your lips. No joke! The best way to do this is to brush them for 30 seconds with a toothbrush! Then apply a small amount of lip balm. Once the lip balm has absorbed, simply apply a sheer lipstick in your desired shade, and voila! Stunning trend lips in one minute! Plus, bold lips complete any outfit with minimal effort. Just add mascara and go!

Olga is wearing MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Natural, in N50

Also try Bite beauty lush lip tint in Blackcurrant

Fall Trend Number 3: BOLD CHEEKS

As we start to lose our summer tan, keeping a warm glow is essential. If you’re thinking of trying the Kim Kardashian ‘Kontour’ keep in mind that contour only works under controlled light Read: Either you’re on a photoshoot, or you’re a star with perfect lighting and pro photographers on your tail. The good news is that lightly sculpting with blush can make your cheekbones pop just as beautifully!

Choose two shades of blush. One should be a neutral, every day shade, and the other a bright pop of colour. Smile, and brush your natural shade lightly from the apples of your cheeks, up toward your hairline. It is best to start with less product, and add more light layers as you go. Now, use your bright blush to lightly add an accent, focusing on the upper apple of your cheek, in parallel to your pupils. This creates a naturally bold cheek, lifts the top of your cheekbone, and creates youthful definition in the face.

Olga is wearing NARS Blush in Douceur as a base, Diorskin Rosy Glow as an accent


Jewel-toned smoky eyes are a saucy, sexy fall trend. Deep, vibrant tones around the eyes contrast with the dark, neutral tones of fall clothes. While this is a stunning look for evening, blending shadow takes time and patience, so it may be easier to start by wearing a less dramatic version during the day.

Choose an eyeliner in a shade that makes you feel excited! Navy, deep turquoise, plum, and burgundy all work. Use a creamy easy to blend formula. Simply line your lash line – make sure you smudge it directly into the base of your lashes, to fill in all the spaces between your lashes, and ensure the colour is super saturated. Next, take your ring finger, and lightly tap and smudge the top of this line to make it look less defined and more smoky. If you blend it out too much, add a bit more liner along your lashes, where you want the most colour. Finish with a couple extra coats of mascara. This gives you a hint of colour with your eyes open and a stunning surprise when you blink.

Olga is wearing MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Liner in Matte Navy Blue and MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Lash in Rich Black

PRO TIP: Add a touch of frosty neutral shadow to the inner corner of your eye for brightness.

Easy Tips for Achieving Fall's Best Makeup Looks

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All images: Tiffany S. 

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