We know, we know. We’re supposed to work out every single day. Most days, we give it a good college try, and start the day off by putting on our sporty gear first thing. We might even make it as far as tying up our shoes. But then life happens. How many times have you spent the whole day dressed to get fit without actually doing anything about it? Yeah, us too. It sure would make our workouts easier to get into if we had a push—in the form of some easy-to-use cool fitness products. So we went out and found a few beyond the expected, like a fitness tracker. These are four that will make getting your sweat on just bit easier and enjoyable too.

Ready to pump it?


Fitness Tools To Make Your Workout Better: Fitmo Fitness App

The Anywhere Workout App 

What it is: Fitmo, Europe’s hottest mobile personal training app, is now available in the U.S. and Canada. Work out when you want, wherever you are, with a trainer whose goals and style fit yours perfectly.

What it does: The easy-to-navigate app uses an algorithm to expertly match you with a fitness coach based on your preferred exercise type and health goals. What’s great is that there’s no need to buy new equipment. Fitmo syncs with your existing fitness hardware, like your Fitbit, Jawbone, Polar or Garmin watch. Get access to trainers across the world, including Europe and the U.S., unlimited chat support, a tailored health plan, and once a week video chats with your coach. PS. All coaches are certified in their areas of expertise.

Why we love it: Overall, it’s the flexibility and customization of Fitmo that got us. We like the idea that our other fitness tools can be integrated into the app, that we can work out when and where we want, and that we can get the benefits of a fitness trainer for much less than we can at the gym.

Packages average at about $60/month (but start at $8) and are completely customizable. 

The Cool, Bright Runners

Skechers GOrun 4 shoesWhat they are: The Skechers GOrun 4 are the next generation of transitional running shoes. These trainers provide the perfect balance between bright style, athletic performance and cushiony comfort.

What they do: With improved improved breathability, a form-fitting mesh upper and a supportive, secure fit, these shoes will give you the barefoot running experience you love.

Why we love them: Who could say no to happy feet and a toned tush? You might remember Skechers as your favourite casual kicks, but they’re so much more than that. After a recent visit to the company’s Canadian HQ, we learned that they literally make thousands of styles to get you through the day (literally! not exaggerating). Since we value style, comfort, and performance almost equally, we can’t get enough of their workout shoes, and more specifically, the Women’s Skechers GOrun 4. 

Select from five fantastic colour combos. Info at Skechers.com.  MSRP $130

The Coaching Earbuds  Jabra Coach Wireless Headphones

What they are: The first wireless cross-training solution from Jabra, these are more than ear buds. With in-ear audio coaching and an integrated  TrackFit™ motion sensor, they actually work you while you’re working it. They help you plan, track, and analyze your cross-training workouts, including keeping track of your time and counting your reps. Runners will love them since they measure distance, pace, and number of steps.

What they do: These ear buds connect to an app that turns them into a portable in-ear training coach. They’re there to help you you plan, track, motivate, and perform, all while you’re grooving to your favourite workout music. The motion sensor and target setting make your workouts count, and the 5.5 hours of play means you’ll be moving to the beat for as long as you want to before recharging.

Why we love them: Since they’re wireless, these ear buds free you from cables, allowing you to focus on your workout without distraction. Great for travel and outdoor workouts, this is one coach you’ll take along wherever you go. They also plan, track, and analyze your fitness so you can make the most of your time, and the dolby sound and integrated music playing app means your favourite tunes will keep you going. Visit Jabra.ca for more info. MSRP $169.99

The Gorgeous Hair Amika Dry ShampooWhat it is: amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo with Sea Buckthorn Berry is an easy-to-use dry shampoo that’s perfect for all hair types, including coloured hair. The weightless spray absorbs excess oil and dirt, leaving hair clean, deodorized, lighter, and softer.

What it does: This stuff works like magic to revive tired tresses quickly after a sweaty workout. After spraying on the root area, massage through hair with fingertips, and style. Since it doesn’t require brushing or rubbing with a towel, this product works on wavy, curly, or frizz-prone hair.

Why we love it: The formula smells great and has lots of powerful ingredients to help our hair as well as making it look great. The spray includes boosting properties such as antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fatty acids, omegas 3, 6, and 9, and omega 7. Plus, unlike similar products, it contains natural rice starch instead of aluminum shavings. In case you were wondering, amikaTM’s version is even talc-free.

Buy at Birchbox.ca. $26.50 for 5.3 fl oz; $10 for fl 1 oz
So what do you think? Want to get your sweat on with any of these great items?
4 Fitness Products You Want Now4 Fitness Products You Want Now

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