Do you know how to eat after your workout for amazing results? You could be sabotaging all of your awesome fitness efforts by not filling your tummy with the right foods, at the right times!

Not to stress though – I got your back! In this week’s episode of FIT CHICKS TV, Head Chick Laura takes you through what, when & how to eat post workout to make sure you are blasting fat, keeping energy high and maximizing your muscles (welcome to the gun show!)

TOP 3 TIPS:  How to Eat Post Workout for Amazing Results

    1. Eat the “right” foods within 1 hour of training to restore energy in the muscles
    2. Eat a snack that contains protein & carbs
      • Carbs replenish lost glycogen stores (energy stored in muscles)
      • Protein aids in muscle repair & recovery
      • The snack should be 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein (ex 40g carbs to 20g protein)
    3. Aim for 200 -300 calories for every hour of exercise post workout for amazing results

Need some awesome & delicious ideas for a post workout snack? Try the following:

The possibilities are endless but first, follow the rules above and focus on real, whole foods made with love!

About the author

Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson is co-founder of FIT CHICKS, a Canadian based women's only fitness company. FIT CHICKS offers award winning 8 week bootcamps and health retreats across Canada as well as online fitness programs. Certified Personal Trainer, Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Laura is the TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” on Rogers TV.

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