In this day and age, most of us live in our jeans. Lucky for us, they have become dressy enough to wear out for dinner and casual enough that we can wear them to hop in the car and run errands. And yet, most of us would rather do pretty much anything than go jean shopping. Instead, we are used to settling for any old pair that sort of fits but does nothing for our unique shape and leaves us feeling bleh.

The good news is the right pair of jeans exists for everyone, no matter your age (but if you’re over 40, the best styles are right here!). And there are so many different cuts of jean, it can be confusing to choose. To find the perfect pair for you, read on. All it takes is a little planning and a few helpful hints.

What to look for in the perfect jeans

1. Wash.

The most universally flattering wash for jeans is a dark indigo rinse. These jeans usually have a warning tag on them that their colour can rub off and cause staining – but they’re worth it. The dark wash helps make us look longer and leaner. It also helps mask most imperfections.

2. Cut.

There are many to choose from: Wide, Boyfriend, Flare and Skinny are a few that are very on trend. But on trend doesn’t always translate well on everyone. I recommend a Boot Cut or a Straight/Skinny pair. Whereas the Boot Cut will balance your shape, especially if you carry more weight in your mid-section, Skinny/Straight jeans are great to tuck into boots or when you want to show off your stunning shoes.

3. Rise.

Unless you have a flat stomach, go for a Medium to High Rise because they will hit under or at the belly button and help keep everything you don’t want on display under wraps. No muffin tops here. If you are short-waisted or petite, High Rise may be too high, so stick with Medium Rise and you’ll be fine.

4. Fit.

Jeans that are skinny or boot cut need to be tight. Select a brand made with stretch fabric. Most women try to hide under loose clothing and think this disguises extra weight but in reality, looking baggy actually makes you look bigger. And don’t forget that jeans do stretch, and as you wear them, they’ll get looser.

Insider Tip: The next time you go jean shopping, remember this trick: Ask the sales associate for dark wash, Medium/High Rise jeans in a Boot Cut, Straight or Skinny. Then take a breath and keep on trying on until you find the brand for you. Your backside will thank you.

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Yoga Jeans

Adriana Goldschmidt Straight Leg Jeans

Adriana Goldschmidt

I am wearing Yoga Jeans (Skinny), Adriano Goldschmied (Straight).

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