One big perk of fall is getting reacquainted with the TV set that’s been woefully neglected for too long—with the exception of our favourite summer shows. Duh. There are so many reasons to tune in to the small screen this season, and one of them is women who are taking charge. We already know they’re taking over Hollywood, but now there are new divas in town.

We’ve combed the vast sea of new TV releases and found some faves that feature four of our favourite badass women. Check them out.

Angel from Hell Angel from Hell

Hell, yeah. We loved her as the devilish Sue Sylvester in Glee and now she’s back in a whole new role—as a guardian angel who can’t help but express her mind. Who doesn’t secretly wish they had no filter? This woman says what we all want to say but don’t, appropriate or not. Calling her brazen may just be an understatement.

Jane Lynch returns to TV with her brassy hilarious style November 17 on CBS.


Bastard Executioner Bastard Executioner

If you are a fan of period dramas like Outlander and Game of Thrones (and who isn’t?), then add this one to your DVR.

Katey Segal is barely recognizable as the mystical Annora of the Alders, a far cry from the perfectly coiffed Peg Bundy in Married with Children or the cunningly ruthless Gemma in Sons of Anarchy. Don’t let Annora’s gentle facade fool you, though. This woman is hard as rocks.

Be transported back to 14th century England and the Welsh rebellion September 15 on Fox.

Blindspot Blindspot

Imagine not knowing who you are or how you ended up naked, in a bag, in the middle of Time Square. Oh, and how your body came to be covered in tattoos.

That’s what Jaimie Alexander faces as Jane Doe in the action packed series Blindspot. In this one, the boys aren’t the only ones who get to kick a little ass as Jane Doe shows them who’s boss.

Find out what the mysterious tattoos mean starting September 21 on NBC.


Scream Queens Scream Queens

There is no way a series with this name could be made without the original scream queen being a part of it.

Jamie Lee Curtis has owned her title since she was 20 years old. At 56, she is now mentoring a new generation of screamers. Wickedly funny, deeply dark with a splash of Mean Girls, this just might be an essential guilty pleasure.

Pop some popcorn and lock the doors while watching through your fingers starting September 22 on Fox.

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