And so it begins. We’ve just eased into the summer and already the fall glossies are hitting the stands. Instead of worrying about cooler temps to come, it’s time to take stock of your wardrobe and fill in the gaps. The fact is, we love the transition to autumn because it’s our cue to get back in the game. Didn’t you know? September is the new January – where trends are set and we all get to hit the reset button.

So looking forward then, how do we warm ourselves up for fall while still using a lot of what we’ve got?

There’s no need to re-invent when we can refresh the wardrobe by learning to layer. 

Let’s prepare to deal with whatever the weather gods dole out, day by unpredictable fall day. How? It’s about selecting basic pieces and strategic layering that will take you well-dressed from morning to night. Without heaping on everything in your closet, you do this by choosing your wardrobe carefully.

The key to looking polished and current this season is tapping into the basics of styling – layer by layer. Read on for layering tips that will take you seamlessly from desk to dinner and everything beyond. No more living at the mercy of a changing forecast.


1. Dress Your Base

For the office, get back to basics. Your base: Choose a classic, flattering dress. Think of it as beginning with a great make-up primer to ensure what you apply on your face looks flawless. If you start with a simple, sleeveless dress, you can embellish from there. Check out the go-to Dress Mavens ‘Charlie’. It can be dressed up or down – and suits just about any occasion.

Dress Mavens 'Charlie' $249

Dress Mavens ‘Charlie’ $249

2. Grab a Blazer 

While the style you choose will depend on how formal your day will be, our go-to over-the-top layering items are blazers and cardigans. They’re easy options for cooler days and offices or restaurants where the A/C always seems to be set at meat locker temperatures.

Blazer tip: Cutaway bottom blazers – like the classic Smythe Equestrian cut blazer, our all-time fave – flatter everyone. Cinched in the mid-section, a cutaway blazer will either create shape where there is none, or soften curves while breaking up the widest part of the body.


Smythe Equestrian Blazer $875

Smythe Equestrian Blazer $875

3. Go Cardigan Crazy 

We heart the cardi for the day, night and in between times. Count on a scoop neck, shorter-waisted one that hits at your midsection to best compliment a dress and will show off your waist from all angles. We love this light and easy-to-wear one from J.Crew.

Cashmere Cardigan from J. Crew in Neon Dahlia $188.00

Cashmere Cardigan from J. Crew in Neon Dahlia $188.00

4. Remember What’s Under 

Another option to get the most out of your outfit is to use a layer beneath your clothing. A great example is a crisp white blouse to wear as a staple layer under a dress or sweater.

The White Shirt Tip: Ready for an Aha moment? Tuck your shirt into your undergarments for a smooth finish. Shhh, lean in closer. High-waisted undergarments should be your best friend for exactly that purpose. Try the Simplicity High Waisted-Shaper by Spanx and let us know if you’re a believer.

Club Monaco Lemaire Shirt $198.50

Club Monaco Lemaire Shirt $198.50

5. Get Dinner Ready

Once your days work is done, it’s time to layer for a night out. Start with a quick change into a short-waisted dark wash jean jacket, or a more playful blazer. On a cool night, both options are a great way to keep you casual, stylish, and warm.

Accessories Tip: To freshen your look, change up your accessories just as you do with your shoes and jewelry. Switching a delicate day time piece for a statement necklace makes a huge difference. Add a scarf to give you the colour pop you need to look more alive after a long day. If you’re really smart, you’re keep some quick-change accessories in your purse, desk or car for those impromptu evenings out.


Anthorpologie Pilcro Avie Jean Jacket $128

Anthorpologie Pilcro Avie Jean Jacket $128


Tory Burch Fatima Jacket $495

Tory Burch Fatima Jacket $495


Stella and Dot Fanella Statement Necklace $178 CAN

Stella and Dot Fanella Statement Necklace $178 CAN


Malibu Dot Wrap:  The Bay $27.99

Malibu Dot Wrap: The Bay $27.99


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