New Years Eve has grown up. In case you haven’t noticed, it stopped being about boas and sequins many, many years ago. So, since now the Big New Years Night doesn’t necessarily mean dingy dark clubs or drunken stupors anymore, it’s about time that our outfits reflect our more mature ways of bringing in the next year. Still, who wants to go out and drop a load of cash on an outfit you’ll never wear again? Not us, that’s for sure. No matter what you wear this New Year’s Eve, make sure that you will want to wear it again. There is no point in buying an outfit that will just look good in your closet. (Unless you have plans to swap or sell it afterward and in that case, more power to you.)

What are you wearing for New Years? Here are five different outfit options, depending on where you are going to be watching the ball drop, that won’t be disposable after January 1st.

5 Fab What to Wear Options for New Years Eve

1.The Happening House Party

Whether you are hosting a New Years party or attending one, the key to this look is comfort. You want to be able to curl up on the couch or dance on a coffee table and look good doing it.

There is no need to buy a sparkly sweater you will pull out once a year for two years and then end up giving away. Instead, try an off-the- shoulder or cold shoulder sweater with a pair of pumps to look both comfy and sexy a the same time. Yes, that is possible. Just watch us. 

Also, grown up pull on pants are key for snacking comfortably on appetizers at house parties. Look for ones with texture to make them more flattering on the legs and hips. 



2. The Date Night Dinner Out

I always use date nights out as an excuse to get dressed up, but New Years date night means getting extra fancy. Dust off your highest of heels and slick on your brightest of lipsticks, because we are taking a fancy Uber to dinner tonight, thank you very much.

We love the textures of winter dress up clothes. Mix a gorgeous silk blouse with a sophisticated velvet skirt for an elegant look that you could mix and match for the office as well.



  • Massimo Dutti – Floral Blouse
  • Simons – Velvet Skirt
  • Sam Edelman – Suede Tie Pumps

3. The Babe at the Bar

If your house party outfit and your dinner out were to make babies, this is what the result would be: a look that you’ll feel comfortable in while eyeballing the eye candy at the bar.

Try out “the” boot of the season with a cute shift dress and moto jacket. Too edgy? Switch out the moto for a draped cardigan or vest and a pair of pumps. Either way, you will be able to wear these pieces well into the new year, and feel fabulous doing it.

Bell Dropping New Year's Eve Outfits


  • Smithery Style – Vegan Dress
  • Aldo – Over the Knee Boot
  • BB Dakota – Moto Jacket

4.The Great Outdoors

The key here is a great coat—which coincidentally is also the best investment piece to buy during sale season—and great accessories to change up  your look.

You can leave your PJs on for this look! Just make sure you have a great jacket with a belted waist or princess seams to visually nip in the waistline. Pair it with a great pair of gloves and a warm pair of leather boots and you will find yourself wanting to dance outside well after midnight.

Bell Dropping New Year's Eve Outfits


  • Soia and Kyo – Puffer Coat
  • La Canadienne – Waterproof Boots
  • M0851 – Scarf

5. The Let’s Go Crazy Club

I’m going to assume that this is not the type of club where we are lined outside and partying with a bunch of 19-year-olds, yes?

This is where you can have a bit of fun. Choose a dress that you love and that you will want to wear again. Resist the urge to buy anything too sparkly unless that is a look you are willing to wear at other occasions as well.

I am a sucker for asymmetrical styles that confuse the eye and long necklaces that cut you in half and create a statement.



About the author

Suzanne Colmer

Suzanne Colmer is the Owner and Creator of Your Shop Girl Image Consulting. She has been featured on CBC radio, in the National Post and The Toronto Star. She specializes in teaching women and men how to love their clothes and dress for everyday life.

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