Desperate for a holiday but got no travel buddy? Lucky you. Who wants to share a bed—or closet space—anyway? Travelling all by your lonesome is not a necessary evil. Sometimes, it’s just plain necessary. And for some, their favourite way to do it. Whether it’s a solo work trip or a me-time getaway, there should be nothing holding you back. Especially now that it’s easier than ever for a woman to travel the world alone.

Everything You Need to Know to Travel SoloIn fact, these days, travelling yourself can be an extremely rewarding experience. All you need is a little planning. Do your due diligence and you’ll avoid a world of stress and be on your way to joining the many thousands of women who do it all the time.

Just keep these solo travel tips in mind as you plan your journey.

DID YOU KNOW? It’s more than okay to travel by yourself. The first words, when you tell your family and friends that you are travelling by yourself, will most likely be WHAT? WHY? Get ready to be discouraged from setting off on your own. What many people don’t consider is that in almost every facet of modern society, women have made great strides forward. Should travelling alone be any different? Plus, there is a steady increase in destinations the world over that cater to women travelling solo, and surprisingly, it is now safer than it has ever been before.

Some companies cater to women travelling alone. Companies are finally recognizing this growing trend and some hotels, such as Bella Sky Hotel, even offer women only floors. You’ll find the same feature at The Premier Hotel in New York and the Hamilton Plaza in Washington. Bella Sky also offers group tables where people can meet other single travelers for lunch or dinner. So even if you travel alone there is always a chance to meet other travelers taking the same trip.

Online resources for solo female travel are growing. Everything You Need to Know About Travelling AloneThere is a growing number of websites that help women plan trips to fantastic destinations. These planning tools have the added advantage of safety while giving you lots of choice in the level of independence you want? One such website is Adventure Women, which caters to women over 30 and organizes trips to exotic locations such as Kenya, Italy and Nepal. You can also choose from trips that are closer to home, such as Utah, San Francisco and Montana. Looking for a more relaxing getaway? Check out Spa Finder, and start dreaming about the plethora of options and packages all over the world for a nice and calm trip. Because these places are mostly frequented by other women travelers, you may feel safer and more relaxed on a solo trip. You might even make a few friends along the way.

Solo travel blogs are excellent resources. When travelling alone, one of the best sources of information is other traveler’s experiences. Make sure you read reviews to get a well-rounded idea of things to eat and do when travelling alone, whether it’s an exotic and far off destination or a spa nearby. There are also various blogs that will offer tips and suggestions on how to make the best of your trip and save some cash in the process. Girl About the Globe, for instance, has great guides and articles on how to avoid scams, best places to visit and how to stay safe.

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