Pro, con, pro, con…arghhhhhhhhhhhh. Making decisions can be so hard, especially when the ramifications feel important. If you’re one of those women who weighs every pro and con until you drive yourself batty, I know how you feel. That’s why I’m sharing something I call Empowered Decision Making. It’s a process that will guide you in to make decisions you can feel good about.

I am not talking simple decisions, like what to eat or wear. I mean the big decisions in life, like relationships and career and many other important ones. What stops us from making these decisions is the fear of change. Making change in these areas can feel scary which in turn paralyzes us into indecision. But just as change is inevitable in life, so are big decisions.

The frustration you feel when you have to make an emotional decision may simply be the inability to visualize what you want to change. That’s why you need to define your expectations. Feeling uncomfortable about change is normal, and in fact, indicates that you are growing and your spirit is being challenged. The win is to just DECIDE, starting today.

Empowered Decision Making: How to make decisions without going crazy

To get you started on your road to Empowered Decision Making, here are 10 steps you’ll need to keep in mind:

1.  This decision is yours to make. It’s all about you.

2.  Define your expectations. Know what you want to see and then BELIEVE you are worthy.

3.  Base your decision on good information, not opinions.

4.  Visualize the life you want based on what has gone right in your life. It’s great to cheer for yourself.

5.  Examine the wins that you have and use them to build your confidence in order to set your intentions for the future. This process gives you the road map, something to move towards.

6.  What’s the worst that can happen? Can you live with it?

7.  Put the whip away, quit beating yourself up with should haves and be kind to you.

8.  Do it now. If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, do the most important people know you love them? Maybe they should.

9.  Have one person in your circle that will tell you what you need to hear. 

10. Have patience with yourself and others. Take ONE decision at a time. Once a decision is made, don’t go back and pick it apart. Move forward and deal with the next hurdle.

What’s one big decision you had to face? How did you make it? Do you have any tips to share?

photo credit: Leigh Righton via photopin cc

About the author

Janice Martin

Janice Martin is a change catalyst and business coach with a 20+ year track record in leadership roles creating successful sales teams, building strategic alliances and growing highly profitable businesses in the retail, hospitality and food service industry. Janice has worked with high profile organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages, Gordon Food Service and many other regional and national organizations.

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