Dear Summer,

We’re always happy to see you after every unforgiving Canadian winter. And despite your ruthless humidity making our hair frizz-crazy, we’ll concede that we still love every second of your 3-month visit. But this. This 45-degree Celsius (with Humidex) scorching weather breathing at us is making it really, really hard to dress practical—without leaping into water fountains.

Give us a break, will ya? Hot flashes are hard enough. So yeah. Because wearing your swimsuit to work is a dress code policy faux-pas, we’ve come up with 6 easy-breezy choices to help you look chic and keep you away from the ice box machine. Check these out.


The Maxi

Always the one to go that extra mile for you in the summer season, a maxi skirt and its cousin, the maxi dress, are your emergency helpline to looking flawless and staying cool in and out of the office. Not to mention, it’s great at keeping your unshaven legs a secret. Opt for light, flowy fabrics like chiffon and light silks that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Pro Tip: Bring along your fave light cardigan or cropped blazer to make HR approved and to rescue you when the AC blasts.PhotoGrid_1470963144251The Hat

There’s only so much SPF you can slather on your face to protect it from those “friendly” UV Rays. Plus, you and everyone else knows that it’s not shimmer foundation on those cheekbones, but rather, um, sweat beads. So, why not keep that button nose of yours freckle free with a versatile hat?

Simple enough to wear with cutoffs and a white tee—and fancy enough to look like you’re about to go yachting, wide-brimmed, Panama and trilbies are a great style statement and will keep you shaded. Pro

Pro Tip: Stay away from heavy fabrics like wool and polyester, or your head will sweat.

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The Summer Pant

Yes, there are days (even in summer) when we have to “adult” and actually wear pants. Thankfully though, during these emergency situations, there are plenty of long-ish pants you can wear and still keep cool. Slouchy trousers with a tapered ankle in structured cotton, the classic linen wide leg pant and a trendy pair of culottes are all great options when cut-off’s are a no-no.

Pro Tip: You can stop using deodorant and baby powder between your legs now to avoid that chafing. Ahhhhh…PhotoGrid_1470963195724

The Summer Dress

Cotton and perforated eyelet dresses are perfect for when you want to look feminine while feeling as if you have a built in air conditioner at the same time. Cotton, voile, linen and rayon fabrics all absorb moisture and allow air circulation. Choose a dress with thicker straps to help cover those bra-straps—because we all know our girls can use a little pick-me-up in this heat.

Pro Tip: Opt for pastel colours to up the pretty factor.PhotoGrid_1470963261093

The Barely-there Shoe

Walking barefoot on the pavement is not an option when it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the street. But wearing breathable, comfortable shoes, is. Whether you’re running a marathon or sprinting to the nearest air-conditioned building, you still need to feel the air between your toes. Look for shoes that are mesh or are made from mesh-like materials to allow air to freely flow through-out the shoe.

Pro Tip: Ones that are made with Quick Dry Air Mesh are even better as they also help to absorb moisture.PhotoGrid_1470963310940

The Heat-Resistant Fabric

Linen. Although it wrinkles with a glance, it’s a summer staple that will never let you down, especially when the dial on that thermometer keeps going up. Known for its absorbent fibre, ever-wrinkly linen will keep you cool and fresh while making you feel as if you just got back from Italy.

Pro Tip: Whether in a dress, pants, shorts or tops, you can easily dress it down or up with a little jewellery and the right shoe.


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Media and fashion have both always been present in my life, and I'm extremely fortunate to have worked in both industries. I've gone from Technical Director to Wardrobe Consultant at The Weather Network and a buyer's assistant at TJX Canada. I'm currently in my happy median...Public Relations. I'm happy to also be called a wife and mommy to two little divas

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