We’ve all seen him. The DILF. He shows up in the most unexpected places—the lineup at the bank machine, in the frozen food section, pushing a stroller down the street in his Levis or just standing there, holding a baby snuggled to his neck. When we come across him, we stop in our tracks, breathe, and focus on trying to regain control of our ovaries.

So why are DILFs so darn sexy?

They are settled. They are secure. They have some life experience behind them. Oh, and they are oh so nice to look at too, of course. We’re not turning down our noses on a visual like this guy. If you’re not lucky enough to have handsome dude that fits this description frequenting your ‘hood, just take a few minutes out of your busy day to catch up with a few famous ones right here.

Scroll through our slideshow for 20 of the hottest Daddies you’ll find in Hollywood. You can thank us later.


Well? What do you think? Who’s the hottest Dad around?

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Patricia is a proud geek raising two little geeklings along with her geeky husband. You can find her on Twitter fangirling about her latest obsessions. Since she spends 8 months out of the year living in a barren winter waste land, she dreams of living bare foot on a tropical beach someday.

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