In Hollywood, if it can be lifted, tucked, smoothed, sucked out or puffed up, chances are it will be. But are stars talking about the lengths they will go for a little tightening? Let’s just say that some celebs do blab about their cosmetic enhancements, while others just let the pics speak for themselves.

Wondering how celebrities get their looks anyway? Dr. Sean Rice, founder and Director of the Rice Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, knows a thing—or five—about the different Hollywood cosmetic procedures that make the rich and famous look, well, rich and famous, and he was happy to give us the inside track.

You may think you know everything there is to know about cosmetic procedures, but Hollywood is always one step ahead. Daring to consider more than just a little Botox? Check these out.


Turn Back Time with a MACS Facelift 

Thinking of tightening up? In an age focused industry where everlasting youth is coveted, a facelift can be like turning back time and getting a fresh start. Speculation has become rampant in Hollywood over which stars have had a facelift, but not everyone is openly sharing their youthful secret. While it’s often most noticeable when a facelift causes dramatic changes, what you really want is to look like your best self without anyone guessing why. Well, yeah. But how?

How it works: These days, you can get a tighter-but-not-too-tight look with many safe and effective procedures. For instance, the Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) facelift is a less invasive procedure that helps to remove excessive jowling around the chin, deep creases that appear between your nose and mouth, and restores the outline of the jaw. The MACS lift is distinctly different than a traditional facelift and achieves results with less surgery and less downtime.

Beef Up Boobs with Breast Augmentation The Hottest Hollywood Cosmetic Procedures

Just because you’re not born with them doesn’t mean they can’t be yours. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has been very candid about her decision to get breast implants, stating that her implants make her feel more confident and proportioned. Iggy Azaela was also quoted recently saying she loves her implants so much she had to talk about them and Kourtney Kardashian has never tried to keep her implants a secret.

How it works: It’s not surprising that the decisions to undergo breast augmentation and choosing breast implants are hard ones. In fact, many women think about having a boob job for years before actually going through with it. Did you know? Breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift procedure to lift sagging breasts more dramatically.

Get a Booty Makeover with the Brazilian Butt Lift

Let’s face it, this has been the year of the butt. Kim Kardashian nearly broke the internet with her Paper magazine cover. Meghan Trainor sang about it being all about that bass. Jennifer Lopez continued to celebrate her booty with Iggy Azalea. And there’s no forgetting Nicki Minaj’s take on Anaconda. It’s no wonder that buttock augmentation, or the Brazilian Butt Lift, is on the sharp rise in North America. Hollywood Cosmetic ProceduresThink procedure is just to boost the size of the buttock? Nope. That’s a misconception. Most women just want to improve the overall contour and shape of their body. A flat butt can definitely keep you from wearing certain styles of clothing, especially bikinis.

How it works: Fat grafting is used to improve the shape of the buttocks, a procedure that harvests the fat from other areas such as the abdomen, arms and legs and then processes and transfers it to the butt. The effect is pretty dramatic. The result is not only a nice contour to the buttock area also, there’s a thinning effect to the waistline and the illusion of leg shaping as well.

Remove Stubborn Fatty Deposits with Liposuction

When it comes to fat, diet is not always the end of the story. The entertainment industry is notoriously obsessed with body shape and size. If fad diets, extreme exercise regimes and liposuction can slim the body, they’re going to gain traction in Hollywood. Several famous actors, musicians, and reality TV stars have had liposuction, but again, few are willing to admit it. Khloe Kardashian is constantly fighting rumours that she’s undergone liposuction. The same goes for many celebrities who bounce back quickly after having a baby, like Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey.

How it works: Liposuction is an effective way to remove stubborn fatty deposits from trouble spots on the body such as the love handles, thighs, upper arms, and neck. Patients who are generally physically fit, or within the normal weight range for their age and body type, and have healthy, elastic skin are the best lipo candidates. Options for laser liposuction include Smart Lipo, Slim Lipo and BodyTite.

Don’t Suffer with Tattoo Regret   The Hottest Hollywood Cosmetic Procedures

Well, it sure did seem like a great idea at the time, right? Tattoo trends can come and go and relationships end, leaving people wondering years later why they got that tattoo in the first place. Even notable celebrities such as Melanie Griffith, who has been seen in recent photos covering her tattoo of Antonio Banderas’ name, have tattoo regret. Amanda Bynes, Kelly Osbourne, Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria have all joined the ranks of tattoo removers.

How it works: For those with tattoo regret, PicoSure®’s patented PressureWave® technology effectively erases tattoos with fewer treatments and better results. The first FDA-cleared picosecond aesthetic laser, PicoSure offers the most significant improvement in the treatment of tattoo removal in more than 20 years. PressureWave gently delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to the tattoo ink in trillionths of a second without injury to the surrounding skin to shatter the ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body. In Canada, this technology is exclusively available at Rice Cosmetic Surgery in the Toronto area.

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