It’s a horrifying moment that may catch you off guard until you realize what’s going on. Picture it. You’re looking fine at a holiday party, sipping on egg nog or clinking glasses of champagne when whoa, you’re pretty sure you just felt a trickle down there. Confusion sets in. It’s not that time of month. And then AHA. Just like discovering your first long chin hair (What is that on my face?) during the dreaded perimenopause, experiencing bladder leaks is a shock—but quickly becomes just another fact of female life.

What’s going on anyway, and can we deal with it in time for holiday season when we know there’s Just No Time for accidents like these? Below the Belt: What to Wear for Bladder Protection

First, let’s get the facts straight. What’s happening to you is called incontinence, and as hush-hush as we may be about it, more than 3.3 million Canadians—a full 10 per cent of the population—live with this common problem every day.

The good news is there’s a quick fix that’s comfortable and discreet. So there’s no need to worry about sprinting back and forth to the ladies room when you’re out battling the shops or rushing to get the snacks ready for the annual neighbourhood cocktail party. Not with Depend underwear, anyway. These babies are amazing.

Designed to look, fit and feel like the real thing, they’ve got built-in powers of absorption that’ll keep you dry and comfortable all night long. Thank goodness for small miracles.

What is incontinence?

Bladder leakage, also known as incontinence, is a malfunction of the urinary system. Normally, the bladder stores urine, which is continually produced by the kidneys until it sends the brain a signal that it needs to be emptied. When any part of the system isn’t working right, or there’s an interruption in signals between bladder and brain, urine can leak.

Why is this change so traumatic? Below the Belt: What to Wear for Bladder Protection

It isn’t just the dribbling sensation that freaks us out. It’s feeling as if we are losing control over our bodies. When our bladder has a mind of it’s own and urine escapes, it triggers feelings of fear and disgust. There’s a stigma surrounding the condition that’s associated with elderly people. C’mon, we’re not that old, right? Right?

What we don’t want is to lose confidence in who we are. Why should we feel the need to stop doing things we love, like dancing to our favourite tunes, dressing up in our finest, exercising our butts into shape or taking fabulous holidays, just because we’re afraid a leak will happen or we won’t be able to find a bathroom? And PS. With an overactive bladder, we’re also in danger of losing beauty sleep due to too many dream-killing toilet trips.

Well, that’s not happening if we can help it.

What causes it?

Bladder leakage is a symptom, not a disease, and may be caused by a number of factors. Here are a few:

  • Physical conditions such as pregnancy, childbirth or menopause can cause leakage
  • Excess body weight has also been shown to be a risk factor since the extra weight puts pressure on the bladder and surrounding muscles
  • Age. As we age, so do our bladder muscles, causing them to lose their strength and weakening their ability to control urination
  • Certain medications prescribed for conditions unrelated to urinary system may also cause unwanted changes in bladder control
  • Certain foods and drinks, such as including caffeine, alcohol, acidic foods (like tomatoes and citrus fruits and drinks), chocolate, artificial sweeteners, hot spices and carbonated drinks, can contribute to frequent urination

What can we do about it? Below the Belt: What to Wear for Bladder Protection

In addition to managing the problem through exercise, diet and medical awareness, try wearing undergarments that not only keep you feeling secure and dry but can be your little secret.

New Depend Silhouette Active Fit Briefs need to be a wardrobe essential for the woman who doesn’t have time to worry about incontinence. Available in black and beige for just $18.99, the moderate-absorbency brief features a thin design that looks, fits and feels like real underwear. It’s low rise and sits below the waist, to give you the protection you need and the comfort you want.

Can we say that they’re kind of sexy? Well, it’s all in how you wear them. Visit to find out more, request free product samples and see why wearing a different kind of underwear is no big deal.

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