Could he be The One? Have I finally found my Prince Charming? It’s a question you can’t help but ask yourself after a few dates with the same guy. Yes, I know there aren’t actually any real live princes out there and I’m definitely no Cinderella. Still, I care whether the man I’m dating is – or isn’t – all the important things I want in a mate: decent, honest, sincere. That’s as close to Prince Charming as I need to get.

Soon after my divorce, I thought I had met The One. The glass slipper – otherwise known as our chemistry – seem to fit perfectly. Not soon enough, I discovered this man was not only not my prince but rather a sociopath. Mean. Dishonest. Abusive. I’m not alone. Many divorcees/single women I have had the privilege of knowing have fallen under the same spellbound trap – settling for who they were too quick to call their perfect guy.

It’s a new year so I’m giving you the chance to learn from my mistakes. Here’s how you know if he’s Prince Charming enough to marry (or at least to continue dating) – or just another frog.



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Rhonda Binstock

Born and raised in Montreal, Qc. Defected to Toronto in 1998 (before a 5 year stint in Vancouver, B.C.) Happily divorced since 2007. Sorry, no drama between my ex-husband and I. Single working mom of two wonderful, amazing, cute-as-a button children. Knows a thing or two (ok, really a gazillion) about being single in your 40s and being called a Cougar (love or yuk when you hear that word?) Keep reading to find out.

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