In fashion, we’re buzzing about Spring trends.

Some are easy – the big colour is  vibrant orchid, the popular crop pant length is back. Then there are the polarizing trends that make you ask yourself Would I dare? (think mini skirts and low cut anything). Which brings us to crop tops – that groovy 70’s staple that has made a comeback this season. Embrace the crop trop and join celeb trendsetters Mindy Kaling, Anna Wintour and a very pregnant Kerry Washington. You’ll be in a very fashionable group of women. Wait. Relax, Breathe.

Once you know how to wear it, you can make the crop top work for you – and I’m here to help. Crop Top Spring Fashion TrendQuake at the thought of showing off your belly? Age and childbirth will do that to you. I have good news. Today’s crop top is not the tube top you wore in middle school nor the one Britney sported circa 2000. This one is worn paired with high waisted pencil skirts, midi skirts or pants (and shorts soon, no doubt).

The Key: Focus on that sliver of skin that may flash between top and bottom (how much you show is up to you). Why not let people wonder: If she plays with her hair, will I see that bit of skin?

Fashion Tip: To make sure that sliver looks its best, your bottoms can’t be tight. The skirt, pants or shorts should fit and sit comfortably – right where they’re meant to. Otherwise, you’ll risk getting the dreaded muffin top at your waist (oops!). If you’re not sure, there’s no shame in going up a size. Never mind the label Large – it’s the fit that counts. Bottoms should be at your natural waist hitting the belly button. That’s my sweet spot.

The resulting look is so pretty, it’s almost Victorian in its femininity. Some will argue the crop top is not for every body. Don’t listen. All you need is the confidence to pull it off. There will be lots of crop top options to choose from. Take your time and play with different silhouettes to find what works for you.

Here are a few looks to get you used to the idea before you buy. All are available online at Zara  and cost between $45 and $50. Crop tops- The Would You Dare Trend for Spring

Will you try the crop top? *I am wearing: Crop Top, Zara (19.90) || Skirt, Zara || Shoes, Michael Kors

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Iva Grbesic

Iva is a mother by day to one daughter and three sons. By night, she blogs to inspire other women that understand that fashion doesn’t end after marriage or children. Iva enjoys classic pieces with a strong cut and fit and knows that not every trend is a fit for everyone. Fashion doesn’t end at age 35.

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