Oh, how we hate to say it, but bare legs are out and tights are in. No, we’re not making style statement here. This deplorable situation is all about keeping ourselves warm. Let’s face facts here. Sometimes it’s so cold that heading out barelegged is just plain dumb.

Now, don’t go all Grandma on us. Just because it’s tights weather doesn’t mean it’s time pull out that godawful shimmery nude pantyhose (read: don’t do that, like ever). Instead, get yourself into the newest trend for your bottom half. It’s called The Focus Leg, and these bright tights are swathed in colour, colour, colour.

In case you haven’t heard, hosiery’s time has arrived. It’s making a strong comeback that we can’t deny. Last year’s Fall/Winter fashion week saw all eyes on bold legs walking the runway, and we’re on board.

Sadly, by now, we’ve gotten used to shivering. For the past 15 years, the fashion industry has flaunted bare legs, weather be damned. But new trends are calling for a polished but edgy look, which includes statement-making bright tights as leg coverings. Got it?


Now, for how to wear them:

  • Pair opaque tights with a textured dress in the same colour for a sophisticated look
  • Add colour with fun accessories like a brightly coloured scarf or shoes
  • If you’re stuck on black, add a pair of funky tights to brighten everything up
  • Step out of the box with fun jewel tones like purple, turquoise, or even red!
  • Create tone-on-tone looks with an outfit that blends different shades of the same colour

Check out these handy wear-your-tights cheat cards that our friends at Secret made just for you.

How to Wear Coloured Tights: Charcoal Tip Card

Secret’s Fall 2015 collection features four fresh colours that perfectly capture the season’s hottest look, making every fall outfit warm, practical and oh so chic.

How to Wear Coloured Tights: Purple Tip Card


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