Guess where we were? Submerged in all the nerdy greatness that is San Diego Comic Con. Remember our trip there last year? Believe it or not, this year was even better! The sights! The sounds! The smells? After having finally caught up on our sleep after spending five glorious days rubbing shoulders with the who’s who of geeky fandom, we have the scoop on what—and who—will be your next TV obsession.

But first, let’s just discuss good looking geeks, shall we?

Our gazillion pictures have been sorted and catalogued and now we’re ready to share our list of the hottest men we met at Comic Con. What? Hot men at Comic Con, you say? For sure! That might be the number one one of the many reasons we go back year after year.

Check out these dudes. You can bet we did.

The Hottest Men at Comic Con

Tony Kim Who: Tony Kim

Where We Found Him: Tony is a Con celebrity and hosts his own annual gathering of content creators and fans at the annual Game of Bloggers meet up. The place was packed but Tony made it through the crowd to welcome everyone. Phew.

Where to Find Him: Tony shares his best comic con tips at Crazy 4 Comic Con. Have a man in your life you want to dress up but he only wants to wear his favourite superhero tee? Tony can help you dress up your man with his new sophisticated geek style brand, Hero Within. We’ve seen the first collection and it is a fanboys dream.

zachary leviWho: Zachary Levi

Where We Found Him: As one of the founders of The Nerd Machine, Zach is the face of Nerd HQ, one of the hottest Comic Con hangouts. We lucked out and got tickets to an intimate panel Q&A with him where he made us laugh, cry and of course, swoon.

Where to Find Him: Fresh off his Tony award nomination for his role in She Loves Me, we can’t wait to see what his next project will be. Oh how we love a man who acts, sings and dances. He’s a true multitasker. Hmmmmm…

tom hiddlestonWho: Tom Hiddleston

Where We Found Him: Thanks to Zachary Levi, Tom did his own Q&A panel at Nerd HQ and we were among the lucky few who got to meet him up close. The panel was short but oh so sweet and we wished we could have listened to him talk for hours.

Where to Find Him: Tom stars in Kong: Skull Island along with Brie Larson out in theaters March 10, 2017. Can’t wait.

american gods starzWho: Starz Network American Gods Booth Babes

Where We Found Them: This group of hunks was corralling fans and handing out swag at the Starz American Gods booth on the convention floor. Two years ago, these same fellows were sporting kilts for the Outlander promotion. Now that was a sight to behold.

Where to Find Them: No matter what show Starz is promoting, the same guys come back year after year. See you in 2017, boyz!

Charles Michael DavisWho: Charles Michael Davis

Where We Found Him: We had the pleasure of interviewing this handsome man. Or maybe we just sat a listened to his velvety voice ramble on and on while we stared. It’s all a little fuzzy.

Where to Find Him: Charles will be the baddest of the bad when The Originals returns in early 2017.

michael malarkeyWho: Michael Malarkey

Where We Found Him: He’s another handsome devil that we were blessed to share a table with. Gotta say, we missed his character’s accent, though.

Where to Find Him: Watch Michael (as Lorenzo) and Ian Somerhalder (as Damon) as they murder their way across the US in Vampire Diaries Season 8 this fall.

sullivan stapletonWho: Sullivan Stapleton

Where We Found Him: Sully dazzled us with his Australian accent during his panel. We’ve loved him since we caught a glimpse of his bare backside in the action hit Strike Back. We’re only human.

Where to Find Him: Although he keeps his clothes on (darn) in his new NBC hit show Blindspot which starts season two this fall, we’ll be tuning in for sure.

ricky whittleWho: Ricky Whittle

Where We Found Him: We discovered Ricky when we accidentally sat in on a panel we weren’t expecting to love. His smoulder made it one happy mistake.

Where to Find Him: He plays Shadow in the new book to TV adaption of Neil Gaiman’s bestseller American Gods premiering in 2017.

clive standenWho: Clive Standen

Where We Found Him: This British hunk was in a room full of 2100 people who sang him Happy Birthday at the convention and then we exchanged a few pleasantries at an after party.

Where to Find Him: Playing Rollo, the often shirtless berserker in History’s Vikings, has been Clive’s breakout role. Part two of season 4 will return some time later this fall. He is currently filming a new NBC drama, Taken, in Toronto, which will air on NBC in 2017.


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