Are you all ho hum about the holidays until it’s time to throw a holiday soiree? You want to say no but in a moment of panic you agree to host then realize with a gulp you have the most unseasonal house on the block. Time to change that—and fast. Christmas decorating is far easier and less costly than you’d think. In fact, by just adding a few simple items here and there to what you already own, you can turn your home into a winter wonderland. Just browse around the holiday aisles (in person or online!) at Canadian Tire and you’ll find everything you need to go from Scrooge to Santa in a few quick moves. Here are all the style tips you’ll need to incorporate the newest holiday trends into your existing Christmas decor without busting the bank.


  • One terrific idea is creating a focal point in your window. With a simple curtain rod and a few non-breakable ornaments, you can create a statement that screams Holiday 2014.
  • Tie a few bright-coloured bulbs with coloured ribbon and you’ll have a unique Christmas curtain at a very inexpensive price. Use an existing curtain rod or find that one window in your house that does not have a curtain, such as the kitchen.

Holiday Ornament Curtain

  • The addition of bright coloured bulbs in a new seasonal colour can truly update your homes decor in no time., add bulbs anywhere for a seasonal flair.

Holiday Bar Cart Ornaments

  •  Take an existing lantern and throw in a few colourful balls. If you have run out of seasonal ornaments, a large bright candle matching the colour of the decorations will also tie in the lantern to your holiday decor.

Holiday Lanterns

  • Add to your bar cart a few seasonal bottles of spirits. It’s like a Christmas gift to yourself, the one that really does keep on giving.

Holiday Bar Cart spirits

  • Now spread the holiday cheer further. On the kitchen cupboard or maybe an end table or coffee table, a well-placed bowl or tray filled with ornaments is a quick holiday pleaser.

Holiday Bowl

  • Voila, you’re ready for Christmas—all with using just a single large container of bulbs. Consider this decor overhaul efficient, inexpensive and best of all, completely on trend with the 2014 holiday colour scheme. Well done!


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