Addicted to Suits, are you? Join the club. It’s one of the best shows on the tube for so many reasons: the witty, fast-paced dialogue, the new take on a legal dramedy, and of course, the ManCandy (Who do we love more? The brilliantly broodingly sexy Harvey or eager, sweet boy-next-door Mike? But we digress.) And then there’s Louis. Always Louis. Then there are the women, who are the very definition of brazen: strong, determined, smart, and stunningly hot. They’ve mastered the skill of letting the men around the office think they’re in charge while they succeed in totally controlling the shots.

The top femme in our books? Donna, the statuesque and all-knowing strawberry-ginger portrayed with sass by none other than Sarah Rafferty. Sarah Raffety and breaking a world pedicure record with Amope Y&D Square Event Selects 11

I met Sarah Rafferty when she was hosting Amope’s World Record attempt for the most pedicures in 8 hours. I’ve gotta say that I was a little awestruck. And surprised. She’s so good at being Donna that I expected her to be manifesting that special kind of softy tough sprinkled with spunky that is her character. But instead, she was self-deprecating, sweet, and oh so funny. And tall. Standing next to her statuesque 5 ft 9, even without the stunning platform wedges she was sporting with her on-point jumpsuit, I regretted not wearing my own, and resisted the urge to stand on my tippy toes. Rafferty is ageless and gorgeous (we’ve heard through Google that she’s in her early 40s). Her skin and eyes glow, both borne out of the same confidence that allows her to rock her hipster fedora without any of the expected irony.


Note: Some additions and changes have been made for clarity. The essence of the interview has remained the same.

Mara Shapiro: It’s on all of our minds: What’s it like to play an amazing character like Donna?

Sarah Rafferty: It’s so fun slipping into her shoes. I love playing someone who is so unapologetic. When we’re on hiatus I miss her, and when the show is over I will be in mourning. Sarah Rafferty at the Amope Event, Yonge and Dundas Square, TorontoMS: You mentioned that Donna has a superpower. What do you think it is? SR: She has a keen understanding of people and relationships. She’s literally the glue of the firm on Suits. She holds it all together. She’s also up in everyone’s business all the time, hence the unapologetic.

MS: How do you think you’re similar to Donna?

SR: We both have a good sense of humour and love to have fun. We both care about people and our friends.

MS: What about your wardrobe on Suits? It’s pretty special. And why do all the women strut when they walk?

SR: Those clothes! We literally squeal when we see them. They are amazing. And no, we don’t get to keep them. The walk? It’s the heels. And the Spanx. Everyone who’s anyone wears Spanx. It would be hard to find an actress who doesn’t.

MS: Being an actress and woman over 35, do you have thoughts about ageism in Hollywood and the whole Amy Schumer and her last F*ckable day? (Note: As soon as I mentioned Ageism, Sarah yelled out last F*ckable Day at the same time as I said it. We became instant friends, although I forgot to call out Jinx. PS. She didn’t use an asterisk. Love a celeb who interview swears)

SR: First of all, I adore Amy Schumer. She’s my spirit animal, and she’s exactly what we need. She’s changing the story and the dialogue. When I saw that video, I sent it to everyone I know.

MS: Jane Seymour told us that she doesn’t get work done because as an actress, she needs her face to move. What’s your take?

SR: Oh, I’ve got Botox all over, can’t you tell? (She laughs at the look of surprise on my face) I’m joking! I feel the same as Jane Seymour. I love what Kate Winslet said, that her eyebrows have to move. We need to not be afraid to talk about it, though.

MS: You’re the youngest of four girls. What was that like?

SR: My beauty advice came from my sisters. I think a woman is most beautiful when she’s happy, and I love my sisters. They make me happy. So I feel most beautiful around them.

We put Sarah (I kept calling her Donna. It’s the hair) on the spot with a furious Fast 5:

1. Beauty ProducMara Shapiro and Sarah Raffertyt you can’t live without?   Egyptian Magic. This is my hands-down top multipurpose product.

2. Current favourite book? The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

3. Top Hollywood hunk? Mark Ruffalo

4. If you could be anywhere right now? The mountains

5. Favourite role you’ve ever played? Donna (Note: Obv)  If you can’t already tell, by the end of my 15 minutes, I had a huge girl crush on Sarah Rafferty. She’s sweet and self-depracating. It’s easy to see why her star has risen—she’s got the thing. You know what I’m talking about. Plus, her hair is so shiny and pretty. Oh, I’ve got it. Bad.

What would you have asked Sarah if you’d had the chance?

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