April is Oral Health Month and we want to make sure you’re keeping your smile in good working order by sharing an amazing prize pack of great products that cover the expected and unexpected areas of oral health care. Did you know that keeping your teeth and gums happy is worth more to you than a sparkling grin? There are so many benefits to keeping your kisser in excellent working order beyond the superficial like white teeth, healthy gums and nice breath. Doing your daily duty can:

  • Prevent gum disease
  • Keep your teeth in your mouth where they belong
  • Reduce the likelihood of painful and expensive procedures
  • Preserve your memory
  • Reduce risks of infection and inflammation (such as arthritis and autoimmune diseases)
  • Keep blood sugar stable (especially important for those with diabetes)

Oral Health Month Prize PackThese products that will help keep your smile its brightest:

  • Tom’s of Maine all-natural Toothpaste
  • Carry Clean travel toothbrush
  • Carry Clean Interdental Piks
  • Mouth Kote
  • Lypsyl Extreme Cold Sore Relief

Preserve your pearly whites with the help of Carry Clean and Tom’s of Maine.

Carry Clean’s travel toothbrush and interdental piks mean you can keep your tooth care close and your fresh breath closer.

Add Tom’s of Maine’s all-natural toothpaste and you’re all set.

Don’t forget the rest of your mouth! Two other concerns that plague the average mouth are cold sores and dryness. Dry mouth effects 1 in 5 Canadian adults and can be easily relieved with Mouth Kote. With the ease of a simple spritz, your mouth can stay moisturized with this patented natural formula for as long as 5 hours.

And lastly, avoid embarrassing blemishes and pain with Lypsyl’s Extreme Cold Sore Relief. This product has a natural healing complex, which combines their signature pure, moisturizing Swedish Beeswax with the benefits of zinc, lysine, and cleansing Propolis.

So are you ready to smile & shine?

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