With vacations coming soon, we aestheticians are busier than ever. And nothing is more popular than the Brazilian bikini wax, brought to the US by seven Brazilian sisters who moved to New York City in 1987 and got to helping women take it all off. These days, going bare down there is the new shaving your legs. Everybody and her sister and her mother and her BFF is doing it.

Wondering how to prepare for your Brazilian? Feeling a teensy bit nervous about how it will feel? Here’s the scoop on waxing to help smooth the way.

6 Tips For the Smoothest Brazilian Wax Experience

Canvass Your Options

There are different types of wax out there and you should ask your aesthetician which one she recommends. First off, there is the good form of beeswax which is gold in colour. That one is the most reliable and popular for brazilian waxing. It gives the cleanest outcome without breakage. Another option is cream wax. While it comes in various colours, I recommend the green tea tree oil, which is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Get Yourself Ready

Preparing for your Brazilian wax takes some time and planning. Start by exfoliating the area before letting the hair grow in. You’ll need at least 4 weeks’ worth for a good, clean wax. Wear loose clothing on your waxing day. You’ll want to do whatever you can to reduce friction down there.

Calm Yourself Down

You should also prepare for some pain. The hot wax dries beneath a strip that will be pulled off fast – like ripping off a bandage – again and again. So you might need a little help calming down first – in the form of a Tylenol 30-40 mins before your appointment or even a glass of wine. But stay away from coffee before your treatment because it constricts your blood vessels, making removal harder. (And if you can swing it, avoid booking your appointment just before or during menstruation.)

Think About Why 

Before you wax, make sure going bald is something you want to do. What are your reasons? Is it for your mate? A holiday or anniversary? Curiosity? To spice up your sex life? Whatever your reason (and I’ve heard it all in my treatment room), remember: It is your body and your decision. Many women ask whether taking it all off boosts sexual pleasure, and while the answer is subjective, most clients report that it does. That’s likely because having skin touch skin can increase sensitivity and a feeling of intimacy.

Protect Yourself

There are some effects of waxing you may not like, such as pesky ingrown hairs, rug burn, infection, or odour. Your aesthetician should begin by applying talc to the area so that the wax adheres to the hair and not the skin. This will prevent any rug burn, bruising and pulling of the skin, and the infection that can cause. To avoid ingrown hairs, just exfoliate after your wax. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may notice redness or slight bleeding after your wax, which will subside in a couple of hours. Applying an antibacterial solution such as Tend Skin will help to calm the skin down. The night of your wax, you should also avoid hot showers and too much rubbing or friction. If you’re particularly sensitive or irritated down there, you might even consider holding off on sex for a day – if you can. Enjoy

The New You

At the end of the day, as long as you prepare for it, I say go for it! Wax away and have fun with your new look and feel. And if there is a rise in babies born next year, go ahead and blame me. High five!

photo credit: Steve Crane via photopin cc  

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