Now that we’ve had a long holiday season to enjoy sipping a little of this and a lot of that, we at BrazenWoman are raising our glasses to a new, fresh, thirsty year. We may not be able to predict the future, but we have a good idea what’s going to be flowing in 2014. When you wander the aisles at the liquor store looking for something new and different, and thinking about the bartender you want to be this year, make sure you have this post handy. We want you to be able to dazzle your guests with your mixing skills, so here are our predictions for what’s going to be hot on the alcoholic beverage front.

Our 2014 Cocktail & Drinks Trends Predictions

  • Ciders: Watch for ciders, including craft ciders from the big craft beer players, to be pouring into glasses of every shape. Now you can hang with the cool boys with their pints, even if you’re sipping from a wine glass!
  • Weird Ingredients: How weird? Well, there are endless possibilities here. In other words, we expect you to report back with stories of pickled insects, popcorn and spices in your cocktails. The stranger, the better.
  • New Sips: We’re all bored with the ice wine and crème liqueurs routinely served post-dinner. This year, look out for fancy sips of Port, Sherry and Madeira, which will also make an appearance in cocktails. Pinkies up!
  • Cocktails On Tap: Beer on tap… CHECK! Wine on tap…CHECK. Next up will be cocktails on tap. What a fabulous idea for bartenders experimenting with batch cocktails. No longer do you need to wait three hours to have that handcrafted cocktail mixed up for you.
  • Craft sodas: Since so many of us have soda machines on our kitchen counters, you can bet we will see some sparkly pop-infused cocktailing on the home front. Go, you Brazen Bartender YOU!

What are your guesses? Anything on the list sound appealing? Comment below and we’ll swing by towards the end of 2014 to see how we all fared! Cheers to a festive holiday season as we ring in the New Year! photo credit: Aziz J.Hayat عبدالعزيز جوهر حيات via photopin cc

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Yashy Murphy

World traveller, wine guzzler and cocktail shaker; always on the prowl for new adventures in the concrete world, all with a baby on the hip. Having recently swapped marketing alcoholic beverages for juggling martinis and diapers at home, Yashy's got a drink for every occasion. You can find her lusting after the next travel opportunity and sharing food and drink recommendations alongside kid friendly events happening in Toronto on her blog as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

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