You do your part for the world. You recycle. You green bin. You take your re-usable bags to the grocery store. OK, so maybe composting is off the table for the time being (Bugs, worms? Ew!), but you definitely honour the Earth—just as long as you don’t have to sacrifice style to do it. Good thing you don’t have to. There are lots of ways you can explore your more natural side without joining a commune, forgoing razor blades and tampons (Can someone PLEASE explain Diva cups to us?) and ditching your skincare routine. We scoured the web and found the best Earth-friendly products that even the least green fashionista will embrace because they do the job of enhancing your life—in the best ways possible. 8 Amazing Eco-Friendly Products You Need


SUNSCREEN Green Beaver Sunscreen

Protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays is a no-brainer, but what we really need is an all-natural alternative, especially for chemical sensitivities. The solution? Green Beaver Organic Certified sunscreens. These mineral-based sunscreens, which use zinc oxide as their sun protectant, are suitable for all skin types. Plus, they’re natural, vegan and gluten-free. Except we can’t stop giggling every time we say ‘beaver’. Oh well. $21.00 at

CLEANING  Lemon Aide All-Purpose Cleaner

We’re suckers for packaging, even when it comes to cleaning supplies. But when the outside lives up to the inside, you know the product is great. We don’t even mind cleaning (too much) when it’s with Lemon Aide‘s multi-surface spray. Harnessing the antibacterial powers of plant-derived lemon essential oils, this natural, effective and non-toxic cleaner works its magic on even the most delicate surfaces. And it smells like freshly squeezed lemons. And reminds us of sunshine. $8.49. Visit for more info.

BEAUTY Saint Cosmetics

Of all the natural cosmetic lines out there, we’re most excited about Saint Cosmetics. This Canadian brand is committed to enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with products made from pure ingredients. And we’ve gotta tell you, the products walk the talk. The 144-product line of colours for lips, eyes, and skin is luxurious, affordable antioxidant, all-natural, organic, completely chemical free, and downright stellar. You don’t need to be sensitive to chemicals or scents to give this line a shot. You won’t look back, we promise. From $20-$87 at or at the flagship store in Aurora, Ontario.

SKINCARE Pai Skincare - Perfect Balance Starter Kit

If you’ve got sensitive or reactive skin, you need Pai Skincare. Created by Sarah Brown who has battled skin allergies for years, this incredible range is a revelation. The products are all certified organic by the UK Soil Association and are made from the highest grade botanically active ingredients. A ton of work has gone into creating the formulas which are gentle and healing on delicate and easily damaged skin. (Note: A reader who suffers from multiple food and environmental allergies that cause peeling and redness around the eye area was blown away from the results: not only did she not react, but the line actually healed her skin.) Our favourites? The Rosehip Regenerate Oil and the Lotus & Orange Blossom Bioaffinity Tonic. Purchase online at Pai Skincare.

HAIR CARE Mastey organic and natural products for coloured hair

For the most naturally beautiful hair, try Mastey Hair Care Products. This family-owned business has been creating healthy, gorgeous hair for over 40 years, and founder Henri Mastey, who trained in Paris in the ’50s, has poured his love of chemistry and beauty into this green hair care line. Working to maintain a light eco-footprint, the products are gluten-free and anti-oxidant rich and are infused with natural moisturizing factor and rice amino acids. They have no ammonia or PPDs, which can cause irritations. Bonus: Mastey hair care is sulfate-free and super-friendly to colour treated hair. For where to buy: Mastey’s Color Protection.

NAILS 183-Sweet Peach_zps74z4seiv

It’s no secret that we swear by our manicures. When our fingers look pretty, that’s how we feel. No time to sit in a salon chair? Now you can get the 3-week staying power of your gel manicure at home. With Bio Seaweed Gel Unity One, you don’t even need that special light because your manicure will cure naturally—in the sun! No gimmicks, just perfect nails. The product comes in 15 hot new summer shades and says No Way to the Big 5 of harmful polish ingredients like formaldehyde and toluene. It’s a safe, odour-free formula that won’t leave your nails dry or damaged. Sold! For where to buy:

SEX Province Apothecary Sex Oil

When you get to a certain age, things can get a little dry down there, and a little lubricant can make bedroom antics a little more fun. And since we care so much about what we put on our bodies, we should probably think about what we’re putting in them, too. While many commercial lubes can be irritating or contain ingredients we don’t want near our most delicate areas, Province Apothecary brings us All Natural Sex Oil. Free of alcohol, glycerin, paraben, petroleum, harsh preservatives and synthetic fragrances and colour, this oil-based lubricant is made with coconut oil and vitamin E. Products are produced in small batches from organic, raw materials sourced from Canadian companies. Packaged in protective blue glass with biodegradable labels that are foil stamped by local artists, this sex oil is as natural as what it’s made for. $18 on


Saje Wellness NebulizerWe’ve made no secret of our love for Canadian company Saje Wellness. Its products, created with all-natural essential oils, have saved us (we don’t go anywhere without our pocket pharmacy) more than once. Sensitive to perfumes? You need Saje’s roll-on perfumes which use essential oils instead of chemical scent, and guess what? You can even freshen your air with the stuff. Meet Saje’s nebulizers. Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, these good-looking heat-free essential oil diffusers reduce dust and common allergens while infusing the air with the healing powers of aromatherapy. They’ll make your living space healthy and sweet-smelling, all without harsh chemicals or burning scent. Namaste. Shown: aromaOm in Black, $89.95, essential oils not included.

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