We’re hunters and gatherers—at least when it comes to the next best thing in skin care. In fact, we’re so devoted to sharing the latest and greatest that our skin takes a bit of a beating. Trying out products and services so we can give the #BrazenLoves seal is a perk that takes work. Truth: We test everything we share. It’s not exactly recommended that you change your products every week or so, but in the name of beauty, anything goes. Ready for our top beauty innovations of late? Here they are. And PS. Before you write them off as a little pricey, remember that good stuff doesn’t come cheap. These three are worth it. We promise.


BioEffect Serum Bioeffect EGF Serum

What it is: Created in Iceland, and a cult favourite in Europe, BioEffect skin care products can literally rewrite the history of your skin. They are the world’s first to contain EGF cellular activators—ingredients which restore, rehydrate, and rejuvenate—made in plant. Through 10 years of biotechnology research, scientists figured out how  instruct the barley plant to make EGF in its seed, which is identical to the naturally-occurring EGF in our skin, and which the skin understands as its own. Think of it this way: EGF acts as words written in the skin’s own language, telling it to speed up its renewal process and restore its natural radiance.

How to use it: Apply nightly on clean skin. Because it’s water-based, it’s the only product you need for overnight skin repair. In fact, it’s less effective if you use other products. So, to speed up your nightly routine (and save $$$), you’re best off ditching the night creams and eye creams.

The Verdict: After just two weeks of use, we were getting those Did you change something? compliments on our skin. After 30 days, our skin looked fresher and more radiant. The cost is worth it. At select medi-spas.

For more info, visit the BioEffect website. $210

Clarisonic Smart Profile Clarisonic Smart Profile

What it is: This device is the next generation in sonic cleaning, from the ones who gave it to us in the first place. Re-imagined, re-designed, and re-engineered, the Smart Profile cleans our skin like it’s never been cleaned before, removing dead skin cells, dirt and all the yucky stuff the environment leaves behind. In no time, it will reveal radiant, refreshed skin that’s able to absorb skin care products properly.

What makes it special? It’s intuitive. The embedded microchip means the brush head and motor communicate, allowing for pre-programmable features that auto-adjust power and time for the best brush head performance. It’s obviously easier to use than its predecessors with a redesign that means speed, battery life, smart settings, and brush head replacement are in plain sight. It’s also more powerful, with a motor that gives 11x the cleaning power. PLUS, it has smart brush heads that are individually programmed to their unique cleaning regimens.

The Verdict: We absolutely love this device. Our skin feels so smooth and refreshed after using, and it’s not even a mainstay of our bedtime routine. You need to try it to believe it. Buy at Sephora and on Clarisonic.ca. $299

3 Beauty Innovations You Need Right Now

3 Beauty Innovations You Need Right Now

OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial  OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Facial

What it is: Imagine a facial that shows you instant results, leaves you glowing with firmer skin and reduces lines and under-eye circles. That’s the OxyGeneo Facial—featuring two new handpieces that tighten skin and improve the absorption of hydrating and anti-aging products. This incredible skin revitalizing treatment, available from trained med-spa technicians only, employs the science behind the physiological phenomenon called the Bohr effect, the same chemical response that occurs naturally in hot springs.

How it works: When the exclusive Capsugen and nutrient-rich gel interact on the skin’s surface, the product begins to warm and bubble and you’ll feel your skin tingle. The Capsugen cleanses and exfoliates and minute CO₂-rich bubbles gently burst on the skin’s surface, driving oxygen-rich blood to the treated area, resulting in the metabolism of skin cells and promoting optimal absorption of nutrients.

The Verdict: While the treatment isn’t particularly relaxing when the handpiece is rolling over your temples and cheekbones, the result is very worthwhile. Since you see immediate results, this splurge is perfect for prepping for a special event or big night out. For more info and spa locations, visit Geneo’s website. From $150-$300 per treatment, depending on the handpieces used. 

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