Thank you for choosing me to test Bio-Oil. I have a new favourite. I have a lot of scars and I truly believe that they are looking better. I love how fast it absorbs and leaves my skin feeling so soft. I will be telling everyone I know about Bio-Oil and its great results. 

It happens every year, in just about every season. All of a sudden, our regular moisturizer seems to just stop working, and our skin feels like a desert. No matter how much cream we apply or how much H2O we guzzle, we just can’t seem to stay hydrated enough to get our gorgeous glow on.

Brazen Test Team: Save Your Face and Body With Miracle Bio-OilLike most women on the planet, we’re always hunting for skincare solutions. We want to save face—and body—with a product that does what it promises: adds moisture that will last, leaving us feeling soft all over. And we found it in Bio-Oil, a peachy multi-tasking oil that’s a top seller for good reason. Not only is Bio-Oil’s unique formula clinically proven to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, but it also locks in moisture everywhere on your body, leaving it soft, supple and glowing without greasy residue.

I loved it! I really like using oil. It makes my skin feel like it’s getting a massage. The scent is really nice, too. I applied it to my face at the end of the day, as well as on my elbows and hands. I have a few other marks to try it on to see if it makes them go away.

Skin oils are where it’s at these days, and this one really works—for so many purposes.  How do we know for sure? We put Bio-Oil to the test by sending it to save the skin of our Brazen Test Team panel of 30 Insiders—and we’re happy to report it saved the day.


Of our 30 testers (average age 41), 60% had never tried a beauty oil and a full 83% were Bio-Oil newbies. Why try now? Almost half of the testers had seen favourable beauty oil reviews and had read about the benefits.

Bio-Oil did an incredible job of moisturizing the dry skin on my elbows and heels! I’ve been trying different creams forever and nothing worked as well. It also made a huge difference in the number of hang nails around my cuticles. 

Most women were looking to treat specific skin issues. They wanted to combat dry skin (73%, no surprise there), fine lines and wrinkles (63%), and stretch marks (60%), while others were hoping to improve uneven skin tone (50%), scarring (47%) and acne breakouts (30%). While most were aware of Bio-Oil’s reputation for reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, many didn’t know about its additional skincare benefits.

I had no idea of the benefits of Bio-Oil beyond stretch mark treatment. The ones I found most interesting: it removes make up, relieves the itch from bug bites, smoothes skin after shaving (I’m loving this the most), and softens bath water.

How you can use Bio-Oil

Different women used Bio-Oil in different ways, depending what they wanted to treat. Half were amazed by Bio-Oil’s ability to soften dry hands, elbows and heels, and shared positive results on scars and stretch marks, while almost one third touted its benefits as a nail and cuticle conditioner. Almost a quarter of women really liked using Bio-Oil as a face and all-over body moisturizer. Some women got creative and found that it relieves itchy skin, soothes skin after shaving, improves uneven skin tone, acts as an anti-aging skincare, conditions lips, relieves bug bites, and works as a moisturizing bath oil.

It worked very well on my forearms. I’ve developed brown spots this year and was told they are age spots. After using Bio-Oil, one side is very much faded. You can really see it when they are side by side. I thought it would take a lot longer to see results but it was only 4 days! 

What you will love about Bio-Oil

Almost all of our testers—90%!—enjoyed using Bio-Oil. A few said they would need to test it for the minimum 3-month period recommended for treating scars and stretch marks before committing. Specifically, women were impressed by Bio-Oil’s multiple uses, and the fact that a little goes a long way. They loved that it’s clinically proven, easy to use, absorbs quickly, safe for sensitive skin, won’t clog pores, and feels light and non-greasy, all at a price that’s good value.

Bottom Line: After trying Bio-Oil, 97% of participants said they would use it again and all—every single tester!—are likely to recommend it to friends or family.   MORE #BRAZENLOVES FROM OUR TESTERS:

  • Bio-Oil is the first thing I reach for to moisturize my skin after bathing. My skin has never been so soft and silky. I’ll definitely buy it when my bottle runs out. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try such an amazing product.
  • To get to try this product for free is something I am so grateful for. I can’t get over how much it helps with bug bites.
  • A few months ago, I had a bilateral mastectomy which left me with a long scar on my chest. I used Bio-Oil for 2 weeks and cannot believe the results! I put it on every morning after my shower and every night before bed and as time went by, I noticed my scar tissue softening and getting lighter in colour. Your product has given me comfort and softness I thought I would never have on my chest again. I will continue to use it always.
  • I am prone to migraines and extra perfumed products tend to set them off. Bio-Oil has a very pleasant scent that didn’t trigger any headaches. I mainly use it after my bath as I love the silky smooth feel. I have tried various lotions and potions and nothing has made my legs as soft and smooth as Bio-Oil. I am a convert. Love it!

Ready to save your skin with Bio-Oil? Buy it at national retailers across Canada ($12.99 for 60 ml).

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