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  • Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself in what you thought was a stunning outfit and wondered: What in the world was I thinking?
  • Do you picture yourself in the pages of Glamour—right there in the NOT Box, complete with that black swipe masking your eyes?
  • Have you headed back to work after a hiatus at home, switched careers, or recently experienced a life change such as divorce or widowhood, and can’t find a thing to wear?
  • Have you lost or gained enough pounds that none of your clothes fit?
  • Do you find yourself staring at racks of clothes, shoes and accessories at the mall, panicking about which to buy so you don’t end up with shop regret?
  • Are you lost in a ho-hum sea of black yoga pants and mom jeans?

For whatever reason, do you need a style reboot, fresh start or completely new look? If you answered YES! to any of these questions then you’ll want to apply for this Test Team opportunity. Brazen Test Team Opportunity: Style Foundations By Style IvySay Hello to Style Foundations by Style Ivy, a program that will help any woman to identify and create her own personal style with ease. Lazina McKenzie, style and branding coach has created the first ever self-paced, interactive e-course designed to give a woman the tools she needs to give herself a wardrobe and personal presentation makeover. Unlike similar programs, McKenzie doesn’t aim to be your online stylist. Instead, she’ll teach you to make your own style choices that will enhance your personal and professional life. With Style Foundations, you’ll learn to project the real you with confidence—without breaking the bank. Be the first to try this program! We’re offering THREE Brazen Insiders the chance to experience this 5-week course ($149) for FREE, and to share your thoughts with the rest of our community. Number of Testers: 3


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Step 2: Complete the 5-week program and make the most of what Sytle Foundations by Style Ivy has to offer

Step 3: Fill in a review questionnaire

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NOTE: You must submit a review by the deadline to be entered to win a Grand Prize.

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