It’s all part of being a woman. Every one of us has considered it at one time or another, and as time goes on, it becomes more and more important. Yep, you got it. We’re talking hair colour. Whether we’re in desperate need to fight the grey invaders, or quietly touch up our roots, or we’re just in the market for a fresh look, using a high quality home hair colour makes all the difference. And nowadays, we don’t have to spend all day at the salon to get it. Dye DIY: Gosh Professional Permanent Cream Hair ColourHere’s a question for you: Would you try colouring your hair at home? Have you already?

Well, you should. Now’s the time to DIY Dye, and we can prove that doing so will help you get your shine on, real easy.


We put GOSH Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colour on trial. We sent our Brazen Test Team panel of 23 Insiders on a mission to colour their hair at home—and the results are in! Here’s what they had to say.

Why We Love Gosh Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colour


After using GOSH hair colour, our testers were amazed at just how easy it is to colour their hair in the comfort of home. The overwhelming majority enjoyed the experience, and found the directions simple to follow.

While all of our testers had coloured their hair before, here’s a surprising stat: Almost half of home hair colour rookies—women who have only ever had their hair dyed in a salon—are now considering saving their money and replacing time-consuming trips to the hairdresser witBrazen Test Team: DIY Your Dye with Gosh Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colorh using GOSH hair colour at home.

Some others tell us that while they would still visit their stylist, they would definitely use GOSH to freshen up their colour between appointments. Most importantly, our testers found the product itself to be outstanding. More than 90%  said it was “equally as good as” or “better” than other home hair colours they have tried, and the vast majority (87%) pointed out that the coverage and colour is good or excellent.

Almost all were impressed by the colour range options (91%). Some adjectives used to describe hair after home colouring were shinier, softer, bouncier, and healthier. Why would the women who tested GOSH hair colour use it again? No surprises here. “Healthier, shinier hair” was the top reason, followed by “the colour.” Brazen Test Team: DIY Your Dye with Gosh Professional Permanent Cream Hair Colour


GOSH Professional Permanent Cream Hair Color was a clear winner among our team of testers. Here are some of our favourite comments:

  • I liked the consistency of the cream. It went on easy with no drips.
  • Better than others. Other box dyes weren’t able to cover up my blond highlights like this one!
  • I liked that it didn’t take a long time to complete. There weren’t too many steps to follow.
  • The colour is very rich with tons of dimension.
  • I loved that it didn’t smell like I was colouring my hair!
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find that this product didn’t burn my scalp like other hair colours. I was also glad to have more than enough solution to cover my hair!
  • Great colour, excellent coverage and nice smell. All the things I look for when purchasing an at home colour.
  • I was able to apply the colour and walk around my house doing things. With other products, I had to sit still because it would drip.
  • Great price, great results, I would definitely use it again!

Need more convincing? Check out these amazing before and after photos. 


Ready to colour your hair at home? GOSH Professional Permanent colour ($9.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart) is perfect for grey coverage and for keeping hair rich and vibrant looking. Once you try it, your locks won’t be able to live without it!

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