Buying for the women in your life—whether that’s your decorator, your MIL or your spin buddy—can feel like an impossible task. Who knows what she has, what she wants and what she needs without actually asking her. And of course, all that would do is spoil your holiday surprise. Don’t do it! Below, we bring you our top 5 interesting and unique Holiday Picks for Her. This season, there are so many fabulous gift choices out there that will have her thanking you. But don’t let all that variety overwhelm you. Just click for deets below and get shopping.


CLOTHES: TESHA Faux Fur Scarf $145 Brazen Gifts for Her

Why it rocks: Fur is everywhere this season so it needs to be on her body—somewhere. We love this faux fur scarf by Ted Baker because it’s a go-to she can throw atop any outfit to keep warm and stay in style. Our pick is the stunning merlot shade because it’s festive, elegant and well, it reminds us that it’s almost cocktail hour. You’ve also got your choice of navy, taupe and of course, black, though, and all come with the signature Ted Baker floral lining.

Where to buy: and in-store at Ted Baker

HOME: Cleaning Machine: Dyson D72 Animal $599.99 Dyson D72 Animal

Why it rocks: Technically yes, we’re against appliances as gifts, and especially ones that remind us we need to clean. The exception: the Dyson DC72 Animal—because it’s one sexy vacuum beast that every woman needs on hand. The brand new Digital Slim DC72 Animal has no cord, yet out-cleans most full-size vacuums across carpets and hard floors. It’s powered by the Dyson digital motor v6, which spins up to 110,000 rpm to generate powerful suction. Plus, it’s balanced for easy cleaning, so you can get up high, down low and in between without breaking your back. Choose from purple, pink and other fun shades.

Where to buy: Buy online at and major retailers across Canada including Target, Sears, The Bay, Future Shop, Best Buy, Home Hardware, Home Outfitters, Wal Mart

FACE: Beauty Pro: Quo Holiday Brush Set with Roll $45.00 Quo Holiday - 10 Piece Brush Set

Why it rocks: Let’s face it. Every woman is a makeup addict. Once you start with all that painting and blending and crayoning, there’s no stopping you. So do her face a favour and get her what every true artist needs: the right brushes. This gorgeously giftable set includes 10 Quo makeup brushes in a satin-lined cosmetic roll. Oh, and before you hand it over, make her promise she’ll do your face, too. Give one, get one, you know.

Where to buy: A Shoppers Drug Mart near you.

SCENT: Saje Wellness Aromatherapy Perfume $29.95 Saje Wellness aromatherapy perfume

Why it rocks: There’s no better compliment than being told you smell great. And if you can make that happen with 100% all-natural scents, even better. That’s why we love these Saje Natural Wellness aromatherapy perfumes. Easy to apply with different gemstone rollerballs, they come in 5 yummy scents. Each has unique properties and healing mantras to deliver alluring fragrance, while harnessing the health benefits of aromatherapy. Note: Hide this stuff from the man in your life. We haven’t seen our YOGA (a calming personal fragrance that contains grounding, earthy citrus and sweet floral essential oils) since it disappeared from our bathroom counter.

Where to buy: and a Saje Wellness Stores

EYES: Eye Studio Sampler Set $39.00 Eye Studio Sampler Set from Shoppers Drug Mart

Why it rocks: You may not know what she wants, but you do know she’s got big, gorgeous eyes that pop with a little love. Watch her go all googly-eyed over this Eye Studio Sampler Set. It includes the seven most popular mascara and eyeliner products that Shoppers Drug Mart carries so she doesn’t have to spend all afternoon trying them on. Best of all, this gift includes a certificate for a full size version of her favourite.

Where to buy: A Shoppers Drug Mart near you.

Still need more? Don’t know what you’re looking for? Click through the slideshow below for many more Gifts for Her!!%26lastSlideUrl%3D

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