Oh. My. God. Has this winter ever been cold. What a bastard. Seriously. One day I got in my car for yoga and it was -26 (Canadian) before the wind chill.

Before. The Wind Chill.

How cold is it? It’s so cold that when I opened the door for my dogs to go out for a pee, they ran the other way, looks of horror on their wee faces. Which is crazy because they usually love to go out to run around and have walks and stuff. Like toddlers, dogs just don’t care how cold their feet are. They just wanna get out there.

How cold is it? It’s so cold that when I wrote on Facebook that I went out my friends wrote back “YOU WENT OUT?” Which is crazy because I go out every day, no matter what the temperature. How do I do this? I dress for the weather. After so many years of hating winter, I finally discovered that bundling up in winter-ready outerwear makes these frigid temperatures almost enjoyable.

Remember when your mama told you to wear a hat and boots and then you’d feel all toasty? She was right. But finding the right boots has been a challenge for my fashion-conscious self. The good looking ones never kept me warm and the clunky ‘get ‘er done’ boots felt—and looked— like I was wearing bricks on my feet. That was until I threw on a pair of Bogs Arcata boots. I haven’t looked back since.


Bogs Arcata einyrt BootsWHAT ARE THEY?

Bogs is a brand that we’re all familiar with. Waterproof and heavy duty, they’re designed to get us through the wildest of weather. But Arcata takes it to another level. These are snow boots that can’t wait to go out on the cold. What makes them so special? Rated to keep you warm to -40 degrees and 100% waterproof, they’re ready to take on the coldest, snowiest days. The outsides are good looking, each patterned with a unique piece of wool making your boots your very own, but it’s the insides with subzero insulation and fluffy high-pile lining that makes all the difference. Plus, the hefty GlacialGrip lug outsole keeps you sure-footed on wintry surfaces.


  • They’ve turned us into snowbunnies. We’re happy to slip into them and get outside. With no laces or straps, they’re perfect for running around, pre- and apres ski, and to and from yoga. Bye bye UGGs.
  • They’re super-light so we’re not bogged down with a heavy boot. They’re so comfy that we can walk the dogs for hours. Winter hikes anyone?
  • Since each pair is designed with a unique piece of wool, we’re never going to be wearing the same boot as the next woman. Hurray for individual style statements!
  • They’re damn warm. No more layering multiple pairs of socks or cold toes. If our red noses didn’t tell the tale, we’d never even know we were outdoors in subzero temps.
  • They’re easy to maintain and completely waterproof. Since the shoe part is made of heavy duty rubber, there’s no all-protect spray required. If they get dirty, just give them a quick wipe and you’re done.

Are you sold? Get your own pair online or at a retailer. Arcata Boots sell for $190 and are worth every penny.

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