I know a lot of young people who don’t seem to understand the value of a watch. “We’ve got phones,” they say. “We can just check that anytime we need to know the time.” Not the point, not even close. A phone is handy, for sure, but it’s nowhere near the convenience of watch on your wrist. First off, I don’t want my phone in my hand non-stop, and perhaps more important, a watch serves so many functions beyond just telling time. It’s a piece of jewellery that looks sharp and also keeps me grounded in reality. I love a good, solid watch, especially one that is timeless in its beauty. So when I spotted the watch collection by Daniel Wellington, I was in love.

Daniel Wellington WatchesWatches are so personal. You wear it every day, so you can’t help but look at it countless times, without even realizing it. Your watch becomes not just a teller of time and a fashion statement, but also an extension of your body, of who you are. And my new Daniel Wellington is like me: minimalistic, classic and straight to the point. I don’t ever want to get sick of something that travels with me 24/7. I want it to stand the test of time, and these watches do.

Why We Love Daniel Wellington Watches

The Daniel Wellington Story

These watches are so handsome and timeless that there had to be a cool story behind them—and lo and behold, there is.

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that sparked the idea for Daniel Wellington. On this trip, founder Filip Tysander met an intriguing British gentleman with impeccable yet unpretentious style. The man had a particular fondness for wearing his vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington.

Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style, Filip created his own line of watches. Minimalistic and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps truly has wide-ranging appeal. Years later, this design is still an important part of what makes Daniel Wellington so special.

The Daniel Wellington Designs

Daniel Wellington watches come in 4 sizes (40mm, 36mm, 32mm, 28mm), depending on the size of your wrist and your taste. Personally, I love a large face (36mm) from their Classic collection, not only because I’m a tall person and my close-up vision is blurry at best, but also because I love the statement a bigger watch makes. 

Daniel Wellington WatchesWhat I learned though is that right now, though, we are seeing a shift away from the boyfriend sized watches, moving towards smaller faces. What is most on trend for women is the new Classic Petite Collection, which boasts 2 different face sizes: 32mm 28mm. These watches are also minimalist and refined.

Regardless of size, I just love how these watches look. Each comes in your choice of silver or rose gold trim. Plus, they also all have interchangeable straps which is excellent for someone like me, who can’t afford to buy a million watches but dreams about having a whole collection. 

I’m a huge fan of the vintage leather straps, because they really illustrate just how classic (and classy) the DW brand is, and I feel classic and classy wearing mine! But I can see why the mesh strap is gaining ground as well, especially for transitioning to a night out. These straps are more lightweight and have a feminine elegance that is still clean and classy. 

Need a new watch you’ll love for years to come? Who doesn’t. Get a Daniel Wellington. Your wrist will love it.

Prices range from $165-$305 CAD (mens’ & womens’ collections)

Buy online or in store at The Bay, Watch It and independent jewellers across Canada



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