One day a while back, I got a Instagram follow notification. Of course I went to have a look. The name, Orient Express, intrigued me, and I wanted to see what the company was all about. What greeted me was a feast for my jewellery-loving eyes. Gorgeous creations, all incredibly unique and special. Of course I followed back.

Brazen Loves: The Rose Gold Buddha Necklace from Orient Express DesignIn general, I’m pretty simple when it comes to accessorizing. My style is more Donna Karan than Moschino. I don’t wear earrings, I’m not one for big chunky statement necklaces, and since I’ve been divorced, I don’t wear rings. I treasure pieces that have meaning or speak to me: the necklace that my father gave me for my 40th birthday, my wrist malas, my pearls that were gifted to me when my daughter was born.

So why couldn’t I tear my eyes away from Orient Express’s Instagram, and in particular, one piece: a simple rose gold buddha with a turquoise third eye, hung on a dainty chain?

Three words: delicate. original. inspiring.

Over the last 18 months, I have immersed myself in yoga—both on and off the mat. I feel so connected to Buddhist philosophy (or what I’ve learned so far) and yoga sutra (the yoga teachings), and how they can help me live a happier, more peaceful life. I like to surround myself with things that inspire and remind me of my favourite mantra.

Whatever comes, let it come

Whatever stays, let it stay

Whatever goes, let it go

So this piece spoke to my soul. I had to have it. And then I did. One day, just like all things that are meant to be yours, it arrived on my doorstep, a most beautiful and meaningful gift from the founder of Orient Express Design, Ayse Acar. It was accompanied by the following message from Ayse:

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine, you create. I hope this Buddha necklace brings the best of luck to you on your journey to becoming you. Happy early 50th birthday.

She certainly had my number, and now she has my friendship.

Brazen Loves: The Rose Gold Buddha Necklace from Orient Express DesignWHAT IT IS

A delicately wrought 14K rose gold buddha ($900) featuring a turquoise stone as the third eye. Created by PS One Jewellery, a luxury jewellery brand that focuses on creating feminine spirit jewelry, the designer hails from Istanbul and the creations are popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike. Also available in the USA and Europe, PS One is offered by Orient Express in Canada.


The Buddhists take the third eye as the symbol of spiritual awakening of knowledge and wisdom. The Hindus have a belief of the third eye being a channel to the inner and hidden power; the western symbolize the third eye as the symbol of second sight or clairvoyance. On me, the timeless Buddha pendant rests directly over my heart chakra (the sternum), bringing love, knowledge, and wisdom together. Call me spiritual, but I believe I was destined to wear this elegant necklace.


The founder of Orient Express is a most lovely woman. She has a warm and lovely soul and is passionate about bringing the beauty of Turkish jewellery to Canadians. Making up her collection, you’ll find five gifted Turkish designers—House of Div,  Jeevels & Co,  Melis Göral, Mi+La, Ps One Jewelryallowing us all to experience a touch of Turkish culture while feeling as unique as the designs we’re wearing. The Buddha necklace is just one stunning piece available both at the Orient Express location in Vancouver and widely at the online store.

Are you ready to create your own Orient Express story? Visit Orient Express Design Online to purchase your own Buddha, view the rest of the collection and shop the online store.

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