We’re always on the hunt for The Perfect One. You know which one—the handbag that can take you from morning to night, carrying every single thing you need without dragging you down or sacrificing your wicked style sense. Picking the right purse is a tricky beast. If it’s too small, we can’t fit in our necessaries and if it’s too big,  the thing has so much space it sends us straight to the chiropractor.

Brazen Loves: the Gouboi Emerg ToteSometimes, if you’re lucky, The One just falls into your lap, and even less often, it’s full of surprises. That’s what happened when we met the brilliant blue Emerg Tote by Gouboi ($159 US). This bag suits us to a T. We just slung it over our arm and let it scream, on our behalf, LOOK AT ME! I’M A GIRL ABOUT TOWN!  Take note: don’t be surprised if random strangers approach with a So? Where did you get that bag anyway? 

Crafted of gorgeous, thick leather embossed with the Gouboi’s signature wavelines throughout, this tote is both less and more than its name. Less, because it’s much smaller than one would expect in a tote. And more, because it carries everything any woman might possibly want or need in the course of her day: wallet, makeup bag, water. It even fits your favourite scarf or sweater to ward off the chill.


This tote pushes you outside your comfort zone. Just like the rest of the brand, the Emerg comes in a gorgeous blue that begs to be seen. Sure, black is available, why why would we—yet again?

It is beautifully made, yet soft and feminine too. The gun metal hardware means it’s durable, and the removable strap instantly transforms this piece of arm candy into a hands-free crossbody.

Brazen Loves: The Gouboi Emerg ToteSince this bag goes with everything from jean shorts and a tank to a pretty sundress, there are lots of opportunities to get noticed. And have we ever. This bag has garnered us more compliments than we can count.


FYI, this brand creates totally Brazen bags that are bright and lustful as well as practical for everyday use. So do yourself a solid and trade your boring briefcase for the Lac Cache backpack in Wild Rose. Or your blah evening bag for the Ose Handbag in purple. If you really can’t imagine stepping away from the black, all bags are available in your favourite non-colour.

At under US$218, the Goubi bags are affordable, especially for the quality of material and workmanship. Visit Gouboi.com for more info and to get one for yourself. You deserve it.


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