It’s no secret that we love a good glass of vino now and then. But what you don’t hear us say as often as you should is just how many times we take a pass. Whether it’s because drinking is messing with our sleep or giving us too many love handles or we just want to take a break from feeling hazy about life, non-alcoholic beverages—wines with no alcohol!—are right up there on our holiday menu. Especially at party time, we’re not surprised to learn that we’re part of a growing trend of women who are saying Cheers with drinks that don’t make them drunk.

This season, why don’t you join us? Less expensive and less harmful to your health than actual booze, St. Regis non-alcoholic wine is where it’s at for women who want to enjoy the taste of a glass of fine wine while reducing their alcohol and calorie consumption.  Imagine being able to enjoy that same luxurious sipping experience without guilt. What could be better?

Why are non-alcoholic drinks all the rage?

Brazen Loves: St. Regis Non-Alcoholic WineNon-alcoholic beverages are growing in popularity—and for good reason. Believe it or not, something as small as getting through a party sober enough to remember everyone you’ve met and being able to get behind the wheel to drive home is a great motivator. So is being as conscious about your health as you are when it comes to diet and exercise.

Now, when we talk about non-alcoholic beverages, we’re not talking about fattening sodas or juices. St. Regis wines are actual wines but with an alcohol content that is lower than 0.5%. In other words, these are real wines that have had the alcohol removed without affecting the important features we love about our wine—the aroma, colour and complex flavours that oenophiles adore. And thanks to St. Regis, we can still enjoy our wine without the side effects we hate. No more hangovers, no more wishing we hadn’t made that drunk phone call, no more drunk smiling in photos.

How are non-alcoholic drinks made?

The adherence to Old World winemaking techniques is what sets St. Regis wines apart and what results in premium non-alcoholic products. St. Regis wines are fermented and aged just like traditional wines until the perfect balance of texture and aroma is achieved. The alcohol is then delicately removed from the original product through a state-of-the-art vacuum distillation process, involving the evaporation of alcohol at extreme cold temperatures of -40°C/-40°F. This process keeps the wine’s integrity intact, allowing it to retain its original bouquet, character, colour, and flavour. 

How cool is that?

The St. Regis Drink Selection

Not every drink will satisfy every palate, and when it comes to wine, that’s especially true. So there will be something for everyone, St. Regis offers a fantastic selection of dealcoholized wines made from Europe’s finest vineyards. There are three distinct varietals to choose from: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Shiraz Rosé. And don’t forget to try the two yummy bubblies, as well: Kir Royal and Brut.

We can even find cocktail recipes using non-alcoholic drinks. That’s right: Just because a drink doesn’t contain alcohol doesn’t mean that it lacks taste or creativity. You can pour yourself a tasty cocktail and clink along with everyone else, no matter the occasion.

Want to whip up some impressive cocktails that are about the taste and experience of the drink rather than the alcohol? Check out these recipes!

For where to buy and more, check out the brand new St. Regis website and give them a Like on Facebook.

Brazen Loves: St. Regis Non-Alcoholic WineAnd to introduce you to this delicious wine, we are giving away a prize basket to one lucky Brazen Woman reader! Now you can offer even more drink selections at your next party. The St. Regis prize basket includes:

  • 1 bottle Chardonnay
  • 1 bottle Red Cabernet
  • 1 bottle Rosé
  • 1 bottle Brut
  • 1 bottle Kir Royal
  • 2 RIEDEL wine glasses signed St. Regis
  • 2 cocktail recipe booklets


Head over to the St. Regis Wines website and have a poke about. In the comments, tell us which wine from their cellar or cocktail creation you’d most love to try and why.

For an extra entry, just LIKE St. Regis on Facebook. Don’t forget to fill in your info in the contest widget below or we can’t track your entry. CHEERS!

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