We work damn hard for our summer bods, people, and we’re not doing anything to jeopardize them. We sweat buckets at the gym so we don’t want to hide under a rock when it’s bathing suit shopping time. We faithfully take our ab exercises step by step so we can feel tight and taut and trim and not feel like we’re cheating when it’s BBQ and vodka night (read: every night).

Learn to grill the perfect steak!

Now summer is coming, fast and furious. And with it, we are in for long, lazy pool days, long nights on patios, and best of all, long weekends to fill with fun, food and yes, drinkies. Lots and lots of cool, chilled, keep-on-sippin-and-don’t-stop drinkies. Drinkies that just may possibly settle on our waists and butts in ways we don’t like if we’re not careful. Think that’s gonna stop us from shouting CHEERS from the rooftops? Nope. Not with with SoCIAL LITE Vodka around, anyway.

Brazen Loves: Sugar-Free SoCIAL LITE VodkaNothing beats the feeling of leaving the city or your sweltering apartment for a much-deserved getaway in the sun, right? Sadly for you, with the car or your bag or cooler packed to the brim, we know you don’t have room to bring your entire at-home bar for premium mixed cocktails to enjoy. Well, now you can have your drinks and drink them, too—without losing space or gaining calories. How cool is that?

Never heard of it? You are missing out, girl. Whether you’re packing up for the beach, a picnic, a trip to the cottage, or just chillin’ on your deck, we got you covered. Just toss a few cans in there (as many as you can fit) and off you go. Your friends will love SoCIAL LITE Vodka, too, so be prepared for lots of thank you’s.

Get ready for the introductions. We’ll start.

Meet SoCIAL LITE Vodka

This stuff is portable, delicious, and most of all, it’s easy on your summer body. In short, this is the perfect companion for your summer getaway, even if that getaway is in your cooler in your own backyard.

Brazen Loves: Sugar-Free SoCIAL LITE VodkaSoCIAL LITE Vodka is the first ever ready-to-drink sparkling vodka cocktail that has only 80 calories per can (355 mL). But while this drink is short on sugar, it’s long on taste—really long. That’s right, all you sugar-free people out there. You heard right. SoCIAL LITE Vodka is 100% natural with zero sugar, zero sweetener and zero artificial ingredients, and it still tastes crisp, clear, refreshing and delicious. And there’s no sweet aftertaste that makes you thirsty for water. Oh, and it’s also gluten-free.

What’s in it? Just 3 things: premium distilled vodka (4% alcohol) + soda + natural flavours. That’s it!

You’ll want to try all of them:

SoCIAL LITE Lime Ginger is flavoured with 100% natural lime and ginger flavours. Strong citrus aroma and premium Canadian vodka provide a smooth and clean finish. Crisp and refreshing, with the taste of a fresh squeezed lime wedge and a ginger bite to finish.

SoCIAL LITE Lemon Cucumber Mint is flavoured with real lemon juice concentrate and 100% natural cucumber and mint flavour. With a fresh cucumber aroma, citrus tang and a clean mint finish this blend feels like a relaxing day at the spa. (Note: This flavour is coming soon to Ontario!)

SoCIAL LITE Pineapple Mango is flavoured with real pineapple juice concentrate and 100% natural pineapple and mango flavour. With a bright nose of pineapple and a delicious mango finish, this fruity cocktail is sure to send your senses on vacation to the Caribbean.

Why We Love SoCIAL LITE Vodka

Brazen Loves: Sugar-Free SoCIAL LITE VodkaOh, so many reasons:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s refreshing and bubbly, light and fruity
  • It’s got vodka in it, but only 4%
  • There are only 80 calories per can
  • There’s nothing sugary or artificial in it
  • It comes in 3 natural fruity flavours
  • You drink it cold, straight from the can, and you can’t stop

Currently available in Ontario, BC and Alberta, SoCIAL LITE will leave you feeling guilt-free, refreshed, and very, very happy. $10/can.

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