We’ve been talking a lot about grey hair these days. Cover it up, let it grow out, hang out somewhere in between… And for those who choose to let their grey flag fly, we applaud you and your stunning silver manes. But we just aren’t ready to bow down. No, we are not. And we’re proud to admit it.

The fact is, grey hair is one of those visible signs of getting older that seems to (literally) pop up out of nowhere—even if you went grey way back in your 20s. Seriously, it’s like one day you’ve got a mane of whatever lovely natural colour Mother Nature blessed you with, and then the next—POP!—there’s one wiry silver brat making itself known. And another. And another. Before we know it, we’re on Pinterest choosing our next shade of caramel and making a standing appointment at the salon to ‘do our roots’. Just. Like. Our. Mothers.

Brazen Loves: Zero Grey with the New Schwarzkopf Root RetoucherThe problem is, we’re working hard over here, stretching that regular dye job out to once a month, max. That’s right. There’s no damn way we’re going for a dye more often than that. That’s a commitment we’re not emotionally—or financially—ready to make.

So what exactly do we do when our roots start to sparkle like our 50th birthday present bling and our date with our stylist is still 5 long days away? The way we see it, we’ve got three choices (take your pick):

1. Camouflage with a cool hat or messy who-gives-a-crap man-bun

2. Make like a skunk and rock a multi-coloured part (ewwww)

3. Find a short-term solution to cover our grey just enough that we feel like ourselves

Now that we’ve discovered Schwarzkopf’s brand new miracle in a can, Root Retoucher, we’re choosing door number 3, and fast. Why? Read on.


Brazen Loves: Saying Bye Bye to Roots with Schwarzkopf Root RetoucherThis is the root breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for (no exaggeration). The product uses a new pigment colour technology exclusively from Schwarzkopf to easily cover root and grey regrowth in a few seconds. Using microfine mineral pigments, the precise spray applicator dispenses product only where it’s actually needed. We’re talking one push and no more roots!


  • This product is so easy to use and impossible to screw up. You just angle the spray nozzle where you want to dispense product and press lightly
  • The pigment dries immediately on contact, and gives you even colour results
  • It comes in 6 shades—black, dark brown, dark mahogany, dark blonde, light blonde— so you can match your base colour as closely as humanly possible

Whether you’ve made a hair colour change and need to cover up between regular touch-ups or you’re dealing with wily greys that are making you nuts, this is the product for you. We are seriously amazed by and in love with how natural it looks. You need this stuff. But go buy your own. You can’t have ours.

Buy Schwarzkopf® Root Retoucher™ in the hair care section of your local drug or big box store. Each can is $15.99 Cdn.

We were provided editorial samples of this product to assess for possible coverage. Not all products provided to the Brazen Editors for editorial review receive coverage. All opinions are our own. 

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