Shhhhh. I’m letting you in on a secret but you can’t spread it everywhere. I’m about to turn the big 5-0. (Yes, that’s correct. I don’t want to say the word out loud lest it take up more space in my psyche.) This year, I don’t want to risk burning down my house while making a wish that may never come true. I don’t even want to eat cake, which means something is definitely up. I loved turning forty, but this is one F-word that really packs a punch. A hard one. In the gut.

This birthday, I just want to crawl under a rock and sleep until it passes. But eventually, I’ll have to come out for food, and then, like it or hate it, I’ll be in my fifties. For a f*in decade.

So what to do? I’m going to Rock My Vibe. Sounds intriguing, huh?

Brazen Loves: Rocking Vibe JewelleryLast week, I found a gift on my doorstep. It arrived in a little triangular-shaped box that looks like a gem, and inside was a necklace from a brand called Rocking Vibe. I pulled it out and WHOA: a gorgeous, raw rock on a gold chain. Even better, it’s a piece from the new Goddess Collection. Goddess? Me? *Blushing* *Happy* *Rocking My Vibe*

What is Rocking Vibe?

This stunning brand of jewellery is made for brazen women like us. Its philosophy is one we can get behind, again and again. You choose the rock you love (or you think your brazen friend will love) and you wear it to unleash the force that burns inside you. You know the one—your passion, that wonderful feeling of being alive and well in the world. This product line mirrors exactly what Brazen Woman is about: fierce determination, childlike wonder no matter your age, and tapping into the fearless fire within.

Just like a woman’s beauty, these pieces are not perfect. Instead, they are natural, raw, and unique, and like you, each one-of-a-kind creation has its own name and tells its own story.

Why We Love Rocking Vibe

Brazen Loves: Rocking Vibe Jewellery1. First of all, every single piece is cool. Drape one on to complete and elevate any outfit, whether that’s weekend jeans and a comfy tee or your go-to LBD.

2. We can’t get enough. Because each rock is unique—and comes with its own story—we want more and more. After all, we each have more than one story to tell.

3. When we wear a stone, we feel empowered by its beauty and its meaning. Literally.

4. The founder has a story, too. She enjoyed her hobby of making jewellery and then one day, she felt an overpowering urge to design a conscious collection that would inspire fierce leaders and passionate women (that’s us!), so she did.

5. Behind every great woman are countless other mentors, leaders, and personal heroes who’ve shown us strength and courage through life’s journey. For the founder of Rocking Vibe, that’s her grandmother, Lola, and Rocking Vibe emerged from their connection.

6. The Rocking Vibe collections are created in Ontario, Canada but the minerals are sourced from around the world and handpicked for their beauty and energy.

7. Everything you see online is part of a limited edition which makes this gift extra special for any woman you love, yourself included. Wear this necklace all the time for the ultimate pick-me-up, to remind you that you can get through anything with all the beautiful raw material you’ve got inside and outside.

Age schmage.

Check out the stunning Rocking Vibe collections at and pick your rock, baby.




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