If a woman’s glory is in her hair, where’s the glory in having to use multiple products to make that hair brazenly gorgeous? How many sprays, lotions, and creams are we expected to buy, store, and use? Leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz, heat protectant, styling products…the list goes on. And on. And tirelessly on.

We can’t deal with it all, and neither can our bathroom countertops. We’re at that point in our lives where we’re ready to simplify our style. All we have to do is pare down our beauty routine, right?

But is it possible to purge and still have head-turning locks? You bet. Imagine having one hair product that has the super powers to do everything—including making you smell great too (like ditch-the-perfume great) and eliminating Bad Hair Days from your life. Yep, the day you meet Revlon Pro’s Uniq One Hair Treatment (today!), you’ll be hooked.

Why We Love Revlon Professional Uniq One Hair Treatment

Brazen Loves: Revlon Professional Uniqu 10 All-in-One Hair Treatment ClassicWHAT’S THE DEAL? 

This product is a style simplifier at its best. We’ve been using Revlon Professional Uniq One Hair Treatment for months and hair compliments are a-flying.

Check out what this product does:

1. Repair for dry & damaged hair
2. Shine & frizz control
3. Heat protection
4. Silkiness & smoothness
5. Hair colour protection with UVA & UVB filters
6. Easier brushing & ironing
7. Incredible detangling
8. Long-lasting hairstyle
9. Split ends prevention
10. Adds body

The Hair Treatment comes in 3 delicious scents:

Classic: For the girl about town, try this fresh, natural scent. It features top notes of bergamot, green apple, and pineapple, a floral heart of sweet orange blossom, lily of the valley, and peony, and a base of patchouli, cedarwood, and tangy raspberry.

Brazen Loves: Revlon Professional Uniqu 10 All-in-One Hair Treatment CoconutCoconut: This tropical heaven makes us smell too good to eat. Think top notes of coconut and fresh milk, a heart of caramelized sugar and toasted almonds, and a base of vanilla.

Lotus: Fresh, clean, and bright, this fragrance will brighten your day. It starts with top notes of mint, herbal, citrus, marine, watermelon, bergamot, and lemon followed by heart of jasmine, lotus flower, lily of the valley, and rose, then finish with a base of  wood, cedarwood, musk, sandalwood and amber.


Our colour is vibrant and our greys are safely hidden. We’ve got shine, silky smoothness, and healthy hair with no split ends. And this stuff can detangle even the worst bedhead (or sexy time mess, if you’re lucky).

Forget adding additional styling products. You don’t need them. Talk about simplifying: we’ve been using just Uniq One and AIR DRYING curly locks.

Could style get any simpler?

INSIDER TIP: For an extra silk boost, try an in-shower hair mask. The  Uniq One Super10R Hair Mask has a firm spot in the shower because it’s that good.

Availability: Buy wherever Revlon Pro products are sold, $19.99 for 150 ml


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