What’s in your Top 3 Annoying Facts About Life As a Woman Over 40? Here’s one: Feeling yourself *leaking down there* when you least expect it. Like when you laugh, or cough, or sneeze, or do just about anything.We kinda thought this problem was reserved for Grandmas. Um, nope.

Turns out, it’s just another fact of aging life. There’s even a name for it: Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)—aka leaking whenever there’s pressure on your bladder.

So what to do? First, we tried wearing pads (which are ewww) and then we realized we were spending way too much time in the laundry room. So we did the smart thing. We went on the hunt for a better, simpler solution. Especially for those nights we’re wearing a stunning new cocktail dress or we’re stripped down to workout gear, and there’s no way we are chancing a leak.

Brazen Loves: Poise Impressa Bladder SupportsGreat news! We found our answer in a brand new product from Poise called Poise Impressa Bladder Supports. This amazing product works something like a tampon, but to stop leaks instead of flow by supporting the bladder. You can wear it for up to 8 hours a day to stay dry. Talk about relief.

To find out if we’re onto something revolutionary, we put Poise Impressa to the test by sharing it with our community—and the results are in. Twelve women women who were suffering from SUI and desperate for a solution used the product and reported back.

As you’ll see from the comments below, they were impressed. Can we say we told you so?


The Testers

The majority of our 12 testers reported experiencing leaks on a daily basis, in particular when they cough, sneeze, or exercise. They had all been trying to find a solution to manage the problem, either by using pads or panty liners or by changing underwear frequently.

The Process

The testers started the trial by using the Impressa Sizing Kit to find the right bladder support size (try the smallest first, then move up in size from there). Most women found that process easy. Next, they went on to wear the product during their regular activities.

The Results

The large majority of women found Poise easy to insert and comfortable to wear. Almost 85% of testers say they will or may use the product again. Going forward, they reported that they would wear Poise Impressa when engaging in the following activities, in order: A special occasion (ie. dinner date, event, night out with friends, etc.), day-to-day activities, and during exercise.

Not surprisingly, our testers loved Poise Impressa so much that every single one reported that she would, or might, recommend this product to a friend. Because share the love, right?

Their Own Words

What did they say exactly? Here are a few direct quotes:

I must say I was very impressed! I didn’t expect it to feel so comfortable or actually work. It was an incredible feeling to once again be able to go out with my husband and laugh, sneeze and even cough without worrying about wetness!

I found that they did the job perfectly and would use them again for a special occasion. I don’t wear tampons so I did find that I was aware of having Impressa inserted and it wasn’t 100% comfortable for me. 

Ready to test Poise Impressa yourself? The Poise Impressa Bladder Supports Sizing Kit is available at mass retailers across Canada for $9.99. Single-Size Packs are $16.99. Well worth the comfort of dryness, in our opinion. You heard it here first.



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