Whenever I get my brows shaped or my lashes tinted or my lip waxed, I always get the same question: Do you exfoliate? There’s no getting around the truth here. I’m lying flat on my back and the beauty expert is, well, an expert. She can see, from the dry state of my skin, that no exfoliation has taken place there in forever. Why don’t I regularly exfoliate my skin? A few reasons.

First off, I have sensitive skin. In addition to uneven, freckly skin tone, have a tendency toward rosacea, and I hate the way scrubbing my skin brings redness to the forefront. Also, I have lots of fine lines and while I am pretty good at owning them, I don’t want to aggravate them. Finally, I hate that feeling of tightness that seems to follow exfoliation, making my skin feel drier than before.

But now that I’ve found the Papaya Perfecting Enzyme Scrub from Caryl Baker Visage, all of these anti-exfoliation excuses have disappeared. That’s right. I’m exfoliating, friends, and I’m loving it. Here’s why.

Why We Love the Papaya Perfecting Enzyme Scrub from Caryl Baker Visage

The second I unscrewed the top of this tube, I was in. The scent of sweet papaya is so intoxicating that I actually wanted to eat it, let alone rub it all over my face.

This product is easy to smooth on, and even easier to circulate. That’s because it’s not just working to exfoliate. It’s actually a dual-action facial scrub. Yes, it helps to remove dull surface cells that stick to the surface of skin and prevent your makeup from gliding on effortlessly and your skin from glowing when your face is naked. But also, the Jojoba micro-beads in this papaya scrub, which are fine and gentle, work to revive tired skin, and are easy on those fine lines.

Using my fingertips, I gently massaged on the product in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Because I prefer a gentler exfoliation than most people, I took care to massage using moistened fingertips. I left the product on my skin for a few minutes, then rinsed with lukewarm water.

The natural Jojoba Oil works fast. It lubricates to soften dry skin and protect it from abrasion. Oh and for the sensitive among us, it’s also paraben-free, and recommended for all skin types except acne-prone. And unlike with many exfoliants, there are no harsh sandy bits that you can’t seem to get off your skin after using it. Instead, I feel clean and refreshed. In fact, I felt a huge difference in my skin texture after using this product just once. Instead of feeling dry and tight afterwards, it was soft and supple.

And bonus: I smell amazing, even to myself. How’s that for a happy face?

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