I was born with mousy brown hair, the kind without body that lives somewhere in no man’s land—not curly, not straight. Back in the day, there was no such Brazen Loves: Luxe Sublime Hair Straightener from Palma N’Sheluvzitthing as a hair straightener but curling irons were the hottest tool around. In grade 6, I was determined to join the ranks of girls sporting the Farrah flip. That meant I had to basically burn it all into place, and then wake myself up to spread out the wings on my pillow at night—just to preserve my hard work. I was going to accomplish great hair days even if I had to do it in my sleep.

What is it about women and our hair? It’s our crowning glory and yet, we’re always coveting what we don’t have. You know, like the effortless curls that one friend got blessed with. Sigh. Or that sleek, shiny Breck Girl we all hate. If only. There’s just no pleasing us. But maybe wanting what you don’t have is not such a bad thing. Maybe it’s okay to want to shake it up sometimes, to reinvent yourself so when you look in the mirror, or go on a date with your man, you feel like someone new. There’s nothing like a little change to freshen your self view, right? And hair, it seems, is the easiest way to create it.

These days, that goodness, there’s help out there. (Hello middle-age frizz, I hate you very much.) So I set out to find a great hair straightener—one that will turn me sleek but won’t set my ends on fire or make me look like a drowned rat. And I found one. Right here in Canada. It’s called the Palma N’Sheluvzvit Luxe Sublime Hair Straightener and it does the job fast, and right.

Why We Love the Palma N’Sheluvzit Luxe Sublime Hair Straightener

Brazen Loves: Luxe Sublime Hair Straightener from Palma N’SheluvzitCanadian award-winning hairstylist Palma N’Sheluzvit wanted to bring to consumers a high-performance professional tool that would offer the same results as the hot tools she uses regularly in her salon and when she is teaching. So she fashioned one herself. 

What makes this straightener work so well? So many things:

  • It’s made with nano titanium ceramic plates, which offer a variety of benefits that make them superior to the other alternatives on the market. Nano titanium ceramic plates straighteners glide through the hair without pulling or tugging, meaning less damage from snags or breakage. They also heat up quickly and evenly, meaning you need fewer passes to achieve smooth, silky results.
  • It works on all hair types, from thin to thick, and is gentle enough for everyday use.
  • It features a super-quick digital control that provides precise, constant heat for perfectly straight hair with just one pass of the styler. Most flat irons drop in temperature as they are being used. Which means that when you start using the iron at the temperature you set it at, by the time you get halfway through the styling process, the temperature has changed and you are not obtaining optimal results.
  • There’s an shut-off for peace of mind so you don’t have to freak out when you’re in your car and you remember you left it on.
  • It’s got an extra-long electrical cord so you can dance around and do other stuff while you’re straightening.
  • The black matte casing is really cool and handy for travelling.

Need a quick refresher on how to flat iron your hair? Watch the video here

Price: $150

Availability: Palma store, Palma website and at select retailers in Toronto and New York. 


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