What’s your favourite small appliance these days? There are so many that we can’t leave the house without using—fancy electric toothbrush, efficient hairdryer, sweet coffee maker. But then there are our special, precious appliances that always seem to get overlooked but are so essential to our lives. Here’s one that every woman needs: a modern, awesome humidifier to keep you looking and feeling fresh and to give you the atmosphere you deserve.

Brazen Loves: The Oskar Evaporative HumidifierMeet our friend The Oskar evaporative humidifier by Stadler Form. He’s our modern, mighty dependable machine, literally powering the air with gentle humidity so we never feel rough or dry, efficiently and naturally hydrating every space. Plus, he’s quiet at doing his job, he’s energy efficient and he smells amazing.

No more dry skin, cracked lips, or stuffed nose. With this guy around, you can breathe easy, literally.

Now that’s our kind of man.

Why We Love The Oskar Humidifier by Stadler Form

When rooms should bear optimal humidity with the least possible energy consumption (read EVERY DAMN DAY), Oskar is on hand, and we can safely say that we’re in love. Why?

Well, for starters, like any great man, he does all the work, so you don’t have to. And designed for Stadler Form, the Oskar is handsome, too. He’s a contemporary structured cube form that looks like a sculpture. that’s beautifully made of durable materials and simply designed, using small-space, ultrasonic technology to banish dry air before you get a chance to breathe it in.

Oskar utilizeBrazen Loves: The Oskar Evaporative Humidifiers the Water Cube, keeping the humidifier fresh, in sync with antimicrobially treated wick filters to release just the right amount of moisture, without over humidifying. There’s a water level window and pocket door on the side so you can easily refill with a glass of water.

Oh, and the Oskar is smart, like really smart. He’s got an integrated hygrostat that supports exact humidification for rooms up to 500 square feet. And you don’t even have to remember to turn him off. When the tank is empty, there’s an automatic shut-off that reduces energy even further.

Even better, he’s small enough to fit comfortably on a desk or in a corner and he won’t bother you while you work, or wake you up when you sleep. In fact, in addition to giving you and your skin the optimal climate, he’ll even make the air small fantastic. Practically silent, Oskar even has LED control lights that can be dimmed to night-mode. And in order to let you create your own oasis in every room, he has a fragrance dispenser to distribute your favourite pure essential oil.

How fun is that?

The Oskar Features All This And More

  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet & small sized to fit neatly into every room
  • Features 2 output levels, a memo function alerting you to replace the filters, and an automatic shut-off when the 0.9-gallon tank is empty
  • BPA free
  • LED control lights can be dimmed to night-mode
  • A fragrance dispenser to keep the air smelling fresh 
  • Comes in 5 modern colours to match the decor of every room: lime, black, white, bronze, metal
  • Free Shipping within Canada
  • Limited one-year warranty protection

Price: 269.99 CND

Availability: Ecobrandsnow.ca
Ships out within 3 business days
Stadler Form is a Swiss company that specializes in high-quality, technologically advanced air quality products for home, work, and travel. 

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