Every day you’re hustling. We know you are, because we are too. There’s never enough time in the day or days in the week or weeks in a month or months in a year to do everything we want to do. We see you nodding, because we know you agree. Between work, house, family, and friends, and commitments up the wazoo, self-care just always seems to be the first place we trim the fat.

How many of you have uttered these words after being sneezed on? I really hope that I don’t get sick. I do NOT have time to sit in a doctor’s office. Never gonna happen.

Or how about these: My knee has been killing for weeks but I do NOT have time to go to the doctor only to be referred for physio or to a specialist. Never gonna happen.

Or this? No way am I going to the clinic for a measly cold sore. It’s flu season. I don’t want all those germs touching me. You know what comes next.

It’s a damn good thing, then, that we’ve discovered Maple. Because now we don’t have to make time, or waste time waiting in uncomfortable chairs, or miss work, or visit germy doctors’ offices, just so we can get the medical attention we need and deserve.

Hey! What’s Maple Online Healthcare Services?

Brazen Loves: Maple Online Healthcare ServicesMaple is an online medical service that allows Ontarians (and soon all Canadians everywhere) to see a physician online within minutes—24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yep, you can have access to a doctor in any stolen moment, from anywhere and anytime. No driving or checking in with a moody receptionist required.

You don’t even need an appointment. You just sign in and get connected with a medic right away. Through secure video, audio or text chat, you get a private consult with a doctor who can diagnose your symptoms—even the embarrassing ones you don’t want to bring up with your family doc who has been treating you since you were 5—and write prescriptions and sick notes.

Brazen Loves: Maple Telemedicine Health CareWhy We Love Maple Online Healthcare Services 

  • It saves a lot of time, especially in off hours where we might have to find a walk-in clinic or visit the hospital emergency.
  • It’s convenient. We can see a doctor when and how we want.
  • It’s a great place to keep our medical records in one place. Prescriptions, sick notes and doctor’s instructions are recorded and available at all times through our account.
  • We can get things like prescription repeats without having to take time off work or out of our day. With Maple’s collaboration with PopRx, we can even have our prescriptions delivered to our door.

How Does Maple Work?

Brazen Loves: Maple Online Healthcare ServicesAccording to Maple, 50-70% of diagnoses do not require a hands-on physical examination. This is why telemedicine is a popular option for patients around the world. Common medical conditions such as eye and ear infections, cold and flu, Urinary tract infections, allergic reactions, skin issues and rashes, vomiting and diarrhea, sexual health and mental health issues and more can be treated via telemedicine. It’s also an ideal way to get sick notes and prescriptions.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go to www.GetMaple.ca and sign up for a free account using your computer or mobile device. Once registered,  sign in from your computer or laptop (the app is coming!) and click ‘See a Doctor Now‘.
  • Describe your symptoms or concern and submit your consult request.
  • Wait a few minutes for Maple to connect you with an available physician (don’t worry, you don’t have to repeat yourself. The doc will have reviewed your request before jumping in).
  • The doctor will spend as much time as needed to give you a safe, accurate and effective diagnosis, prescription, care instructions or sick note.
  • Opt into the available choices of video chat, text chat or to share photos. All communications are secure, your privacy is protected, and video calls are not recorded.

What’s the Cost? 

Since online care is not covered by most provincial health plans, including OHIP, there is a fee for using Maple. The consult cost varies by time of day and day of week, but you can also get annual memberships with unlimited doctor consultations. And here’s a tip: Many healthcare spending accounts will cover Maple’s services, which range from $49 – $99/visit. Memberships range from $359 for a solo one to $579/year for a whole family.

Visit www.GetMaple.ca for more info or to sign up for your free account. Click here to receive $25 off your first visit.

Note: As per our editorial policy for only sharing things we have used and love, we were provided with a Maple membership in order to test this service. We also received compensation for the writing of this story. But as usual, be assured that all opinions are our own.  

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