I feel for anyone who wants to buy me a gift. I’m one of those picky people, the kind who knows exactly what she likes, and really doesn’t need for much. Way Brazen Loves: The Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicertoo often, I open the wrapping paper and smile at the gesture, feeling guilty because I know this gift will end up in an unused pile somewhere in my house. Which is why when I receive a gift that fills a gap in my life, I’m bordering on ecstatic. Case in point: The Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even count the number of times I’ve sliced my hand, finger, thumb, or any other unfortunate flesh that naively participates in the cutting of my bagel. You’d think I would have learned by now, but the fact is, bagels are a hazard. Take one in your hand and subject it to a knife, and you’re risking a slip that is likely to bleed for way too long, thereby ruining the excitement of enjoying morning carbs, which we need before our morning workout.

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Yes, this is serious stuff, people.

Brazen Loves: The Hoan Bagel Guillotine SlicerThe Bagel Guillotine is a downright brilliant invention. First of all, it actually looks like a guillotine, which means it does all the dirty work for you, no hands allowed, and it looks slick on the countertop. Perfect for bagels, muffins, buns and rolls of all sizes, it will slice in half before you can say, What am I slathering on top of this beautiful thing? All you do is place your bagel in the slot and then push down the blade. And then you don’t have to worry. The cradle holds the bagel while two clear acrylic safety shields keep your fingers safe while the precision ground serrated cutting edges and a non-stick XYLAN® coated blade take over.

Looking for a gift for the woman (or man) who has everything?

You can order the Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer on Amazon for $26.99.


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