It’s the new Sex and the City—in the next stage of life. Marriage, kids, affair, divorce. This time, Brazen Loves: The HBO TV Series Divorce With Sarah Jessica ParkerSarah Jessica Parker is not Carrie; she’s Frances. And she’s older now, squarely inside middle age, and she is finding herself inside the dynamics of what is just par for the course for our generation: a Big, Bad Divorce. Hence the name of this hilarious TV series Divorce on HBO (or wherever you stream).

Yes, it’s a comedy. But it’s also kind of a dramedy because it’s so mainstream that even if you’re not divorced or contemplating divorce, chances are, you know someone who’s been through this special kind of hell.

Brazen Loves: The HBO TV Series Divorce With Sarah Jessica ParkerWhen we meet Frances and Robert, they have been married for more than a decade and they’ve raised two kids, who are in the thick of finding themselves, just like Frances is. She’s restless and you can feel her about to “blow”, and that’s never good inside marriage.

She’s got girlfriends, of course, who have her back as well as their own quirky relationships to contend with, but they can’t really help Frances figure out how to move on. That road has to be travelled by the pissed off pair who divorce and then realize they have to navigate the rest of life still kind of stuck with each other and kind of not.

Divorce is a hilarious comedy series that’s co-executive produced and starring our beloved Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s clearly still got it. As usual, we can’t get enough of her, and now we’re also kind of in love with her quirky ex Robert. Tune in to watch as they bumble their way, toward their own single lives in the suburbs of New York City.  

Brazen Loves: The TV Series Divorce With Sarah Jessica ParkerDid you love Sex and the City? Did you read that furious Instagram post by Kim Cattrall, calling out ex-pal  Sarah Jessica Parker who posted public condolences for Cattrall’s lost brother on social media?

Sad, yes, but the thing is, following along felt eerily similar to watching Divorce. Ugh but fascinating. Squirmy stuff you just gotta watch. We had a fun debate about this female feud in our private Facebook group, The Brazen Insiders. What? You’re not in? Join us here!

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