For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a popcorn addict. Way back when, there were those perfect TV nights glued to The Carole Burnett Show or Happy Days when from as far away as the family room, we were hit by the heavenly waft of corn bathing in oil. Then, sometime when I was in high school, the air popper became everything. Now I could enjoy my favourite crunch without all the calories. (Until I realized that hey, melted butter is the only way to get the salt to stick, people.) And, of course, no movie has ever been worth the price of admission without a salty bucket all to myself.

Brazen Loves: Fireworks Heirloom PopcornThese days, my ideal of dinner is  a huge bowl of hot Fireworks Heirloom Popcorn devoured by the fistful while binge watching Netflix on my laptop. (Or any one of these new fall shows!)

Now, I always assumed my beloved kernels came in only one colour: gold. Until, that is, I noticed something brand new at the grocery line checkout counter. There they were, winking up at me. A whole bin full of mysterious multi-coloured popcorn kernel blends, just begging to be discovered.

Ever heard of the Fireworks Popcorn brand? I hadn’t either. But being the popcorn aficionado I am by now, I decided to give it a test, and I’m happy to report that popping this corn onto the belt was one of my better decisions in life. Now I’m so hooked that I went back and bought every flavour of Fireworks I could find. I’m so hooked that I’m sharing this life-altering info with you so you can be hooked, too.

There are lots of reasons to love Fireworks Popcorn (sorry, Orville). Here are just a few.

Why We Love Fireworks Heirloom Popcorn

1. It’s oh so pretty. Not kidding. These kernels are gorgeous, natural fall colours that actually look so healthy and nutritious, you’ve got no guilt eating them.

2. It’s crispy and delicious. I cook this popcorn in a little corn oil, and there are never any soggy bits. In fact, it comes out with its own special crunch, light and tasty beyond words.

3. It’s All-Natural and it tastes it. Unlike other commercial brands that have been genetically altered, these kernels have very tender hulls, which shatter when popped. The smaller kernels also have a deeper, richer corn flavour.

4. It’s got standards. Small farmers throughout the Midwest grow popcorn exclusively for Fireworks and are required to meet exacting standards.

  • NO DYES are used to enhance the beautiful colours of the corn. Gourmet kernels are all natural, compliments of Mother Nature.
  • NO GMOs are used to genetically modify or cross-breed with low grades of field corn. Cross-breeding with field corn would artificially enhance the size of the popped kernels, but with some loss of flavour.

5. It’s got history. Fireworks Popcorn grows the same varieties of popcorn that our grandparents enjoyed, tender and full of naturally good flavour. You feel like you’re getting the real thing with this popcorn, and you are.

6. There are 9 different types. Choose from 9—count ’em, 9—varieties of popcorn, each with a different colour, kernel size, flavour (mild, mellow, deep) and texture (tender, crisp, crunchy).

7. They are true popcorn experts. If you’re a true popcorn lover, you’re in great hands with this brand.

Learn all about Fireworks Heirloom Popcorn right here. Then go buy some!

WHERE TO BUY: Find a retailer near you on the Fireworks Popcorn website


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