Do you wear foundation? I do, and it’s tricky business. I’m always searching for different products for different reasons. While I love my freckles, I may not always want to lead with them. And I certainly don’t want to walk into a party sporting a big, fat pimple. And what’s the point of dark circles, anyway?  Foundation is, well, the foundation for my makeup routine, and I’ve come to depend on its coverage power more and more as I age. And now that it’s holiday season—and there are parties galore—I need my makeup to last or at least not bleed down my face..

I remember watching my mom “do her face” before heading to a party. Her go-to was “base”—creamy beige liquid that seemed to magically match the shade of her skin. But now I know that finding the right shade is not exactly magic. What you want is foundation that doesn’t look like you’re wearing it. You just show up looking flawless and no one knows why.

The sad fact is, I’ve suffered enough colour mishaps to last a lifetime. Not sure exactly how it happens but somehow, the shadBrazen Loves: Dermablend Professional Foundatione I test on my betrays me on my face. And since the bathroom light is not exactly natural, by the time I see a Facebook pic where I resemble a pumpkin or worse yet, a ghost, it’s way, way too late.

Which begs this beauty question: How do you find foundation you can count on—one that’s got colour and coverage figured out and lasts until you take it off?

Tall order, right? Two words: Dermablend Professional. Here are just a few reasons that we love this brand and we know you will, too.

6 Reasons to Love Dermablend Professional

1. It’s all backed by science.

Formulated by a dermatologist who was frustrated with the limitations of skin care, this is what’s known as a “camouflage brand.” It gives you just the right amount of coverage you need in all the places you need it. It’s dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Non-comedogenic. Non-acnegenic. Fragrance free. Sensitive skin tested.

2. You can find your shade online.

Surprise, surprise. To find your shade, you don’t have to visit a cosmetics counter. You can just log on to the Dermablend Shade Finder and 6 quick questions later, you can count on the exact match for your unique skin tone.

3.  You can find your coverage level, too.

The last thing you want is a foundation that’s too oily or dry for your skin or one that is too thin or thin to cover where you want it. That’s why this Shade Finder is so brilliant. By pinpointing the spots you want to conceal, whether that’s freckles, birthmarks, uneven skin tone, redness or anything else, it matches you with product that will do the job right.

4. There are tons of coverage choices.

The foundations and concealers run the gamut in terms of coverage. Here’s the list to choose from:

  • Cream Foundation: Think scars, vitiligo, acne. This full coverage cream provides reliable, flawless, and full camouflage in a velvety smooth finish.
  • Liquid Foundation: Think blushed cheeks, uneven skin tone, freckles or rosacea. This medium coverage Brazen Loves: Dermablend Professional Foundationliquid leaves an ultra-smooth finish.
  • Powder Foundation: Think birthmarks, acne or uneven skin tone. Intense Powder Camo provides buildable, blendable, unstoppable camouflage in a smooth natural finish.
  • Cream Concealer: Think scars and under eye circles. This Quick-Fix Concealer provides reliable, flawless, and full camouflage in a velvety smooth finish.
  • Liquid Concealer: Think blushed cheeks, uneven skin tone or dark under eye circles. Expect seamless, flawless camouflage in an ultra-smooth finish.

5. There’s powder to make it all stay.

Even though Dermablend is known for its staying power, there’s also a loose setting powder you can buy to make it last even longer. Just use the puff over your foundation or concealer to set makeup. Now count on up to 16 hours of consistent colour wear that is smudge proof and transfer resistant.

6. And remover to wash it off in a flash.

You’d think that using foundation that really sticks won’t come off easily. Welcome to the Dermablend MakeUp Remover. It’s a cream makeup remover that effectively removes long lasting and resistant wear makeup and it leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and luminous.

Our Fave: Dermablend Professional Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation *Depends on your skin type

Price: $42

Availability: Select Drugstores



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