Well, it caught us by surprise yet again. Winter, why do you do this to us? Why are we always shocked when the snow starts to fly—even when it’s late November and we should expect it? Good thing I was prepared this year. Which is shocking. Because if there’s one thing I (usually) hate more than winter, it’s the gear I have load onto my body to stay warm. I’m like a little kid in that respect: I hate hats, boots, gloves, and heavy coats. What. A. Pain.

You know what I mean. You pile on all these layers and shove your feet into heavy boots and smush a hat onto your great hair day, and pull on gloves—if you’ve even located a matched pair. Then, you have to go inside and you have to take it all off. You lose a glove, your hair is ruined, and if your feet are hot, and well…there’s no happiness to be found where hot, sweaty feet live.

Brazen Loves: Columbia Cityside Fold Waterproof BootBack to being prepared. I found two gloves that go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I have a cozy coat with a hood, and I’ve got the PERFECT little boots for this wet, slushy, not-too-cold weather. I’m talking about my Columbia Cityside Fold Waterproof boots. And they’ve got the love that I previously reserved only for my fave pair of high-heeled booties and my reliable wellies.


  • Wet and winter weather boots with superior waterproof protection, a knit collar, and metal eye stays.
  • They boast an upper of waterproof leather and suede combined with a seam-sealed Omni-Tech waterproof breathable membrane
  • There’s a techlite lightweight midsole and Omni-Grip non-marking traction rubber


Equally perfect for mucky trails, snowy city streets and crowded malls, these versatile boots are ideal for my eclectic lifestyle. Hitting just above the ankle, I can wear them with so many more types of pants than high boots. They look equally stylish with my workout crops, leggings, or cuffed jeans, and take me through my day with ease. The fold-over cuff design lets me show off a pop of design when I want it.

Forget hot, fatigued feet! These boots are light and airy, with just the right amount of insulation and energy return to keep my feet warm and dry but not hot and exhausted. And the traction rubber outsole keeps my klutzy self safe even when it’s a little bit slippery out.

Let the snow fall. Because I am ready.

For more info, visit the Columbia Sportswear website.

Price: $160

Where to buy: Buy online or find a retailer here.



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